17 October 2012 – students of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens’ Training took part in the festivities during Competition for the best head of district administration of Kharkiv.

20.05.2012 турнир против расизма 1723 May 2012 – the NUPh international football team won the Champions Cup in interuniversity competition, Kharkov.

19-20 May 2012 – in the framework of the Preparatory Faculty mini-football tournament dedicated to “EURO-2012″ was held (organized by Department of Health and Physical Training, and Department of Fundamental and Language Training).

20 April 2012: NUPh’s football team (Faculty of foreign citizens education students) have reached the semifinals and took honorable 3rd place in interuniversity football tournament “Football Against Racism”, Kharkiv.

30 March 2012: XI University Scientific-Practical Conference “First Steps on the way to Science” of Preparatory faculties and departments for foreign students has been held on the basis of NUPh;

23 March 2012: Competition on Pharmacology for 3rd-year English speaking students of Faculty of foreign citizens education has been held

December 2011: Bou-Naylat Saadbuh (Morocco), Harmash Kasem (Morocco), Ben Amor Anouar (Tunisia) 4th-year students have participated in The International Soccer Tournament in Kharkiv city;

October 2011: Al-Ali Naouh (Iraq) has won first place in Chess Tournament in Kurdistan, Iraq;

October 2011: Akabi Christina (Congo), Kabi-Nguoldili Jillis, Okuyere-Ngakosso Didokard, Uadarel Juvenia (Cameroon), Tefi Rakutu Tuarimanana (Madagascar) 1st-year students and Hussein Suraia, Axel Tsaraguru (Madascar) 3rd-year students were given certificates of participation in VIII Annual International festival of foreign students supported by Kharkiv municipal public organization of foreign citizens;

September 2011: Al-Ali Naouh (Iraq) 1st-year student of Faculty of foreign citizens education, chess master of sports, has participated in The International Chess Tournament in Lugansk city;