Laboratory diagnostics

Characteristic feature of modern stage of clinical medicine development is constant increase of importance of laboratory diagnostics.  According to competent specialists, including WHO experts, the level of development of laboratory diagnostic service as well asofradiodiagnostic service is a major ranking criterion healthcare system. Best hospitals of the world have well-developed laboratory diagnostic services. According to … Continue reading Laboratory diagnostics

Economics of enterprise

Economics of enterpriseis a speciality that gives an opportunity to acquire techniques and methods for effective production management, obtaining optimum performanceof enterprises as well as ensuring their strategic competitiveness. Modern economist is an integrator of basic business processes of the enterprise. Today the pharmaceutical industry needs economists which not only have special knowledge, but also … Continue reading Economics of enterprise


What is biotechnology? Biotechnology is a branch of knowledge that studies and develops methods of obtaining products, beneficial for humanity, with the help of biological objects – microorganisms, animal and plant cells. Biotechnology fascinates not only with the long distance it covered in the course of its development, but also with prospects it opens. In … Continue reading Biotechnology

Clinical Pharmacy

Development of interaction between physician, pharmacist and patient has encouraged the appearance of such specialty as clinical pharmacy. In the USA and Canada the transfer process of pharmacy into “clinical basis” started about 30 years ago. After that the process of clinical pharmacy development has started in Europe: Germany, France, and Poland. In Ukraine vocational … Continue reading Clinical Pharmacy