Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 1/4 (18) 2016

CONTENTS THE PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY REVOLUTION J. Botet To verify the authenticity of Lemon Balm leaves for morphological and anatomical features О. Savelieva, L. Sira, I. Vladymyrova Research of medical supplies used for the military servicemen with combat injuries with regard to marketing  analyses O. Bielozorova, Shmatenko Study antiviral activity dietary addition «Immuno-viral with vitamin C» … Continue reading Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 1/4 (18) 2016

Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 12/4 (17) 2015

CONTENTS Modern state of the assortment drugs for the treatment of vaginal candidosis Yu. Levachkova, T. Yarnykh, S. Pushok, V. Chushenko Peculiarities of tropane alkaloids determination in Datura stramonium L. leaves V. Mishchenko, Yu. Prokopenko Risk identification for the quality stage of pharmaceutical development of combined drops for glaucoma treatment A. Yakubchuk, S. Rusanova, E. … Continue reading Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 12/4 (17) 2015

Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 11/4 (16) 2015

CONTENTS The prospect of using polymers in production of solid dosage forms I. Kovalevskaya, О. Ruban Prospects of application test systems for control extemporal medicines V. Prokopets, O. Zdoryk, V. Georgiyants Phytochemical study of phenolic compounds of Labrador tea (Ledum palustre L.) V. Gaponenko, O. Levashova Perspectives of using greater plantain in the medical and … Continue reading Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 11/4 (16) 2015

Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 10/4 (15) 2015

CONTENTS Research of quality values and stability study of vaginal suppositories containing fluconazole and chlorhexidine digluconate K. Burian The review of the most used computational methods for studies of the relationships between molecular structure and biological activity О. Devinyak Morphological and taxonomic research of Salvia genus by vegetative characteristics О. М. Коshovyi Tyfon as a … Continue reading Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 10/4 (15) 2015