17 October 2012 – students of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens’ Training took part in the festivities during Competition for the best head of district administration of Kharkiv. 23 May 2012 – the NUPh international football team won the Champions Read more


December 26, 2013, Festive concert for students of preparatory department , dedicated to the New Year’s Day. December 12, 2013, simultaneous chess game in sport and fitness complex of the NUP. Against international chess master Nouh Al-Ali (Iraq), 3rd year Read more


In subject academic competition “Modern Analytical Chemistry”, held on May 16, 2014, participated 58 students of the NUPh, 7 winners received Diplomas, 17 winners received Certificates. First degree Diploma received Umarov Ulugbek CIS-4 Pharmacy. 2nd course student of the Faculty Read more


The State Fund for Fundamental Research (SFFR) announces F86 competition for grants from the President of Ukraine to support research of young scientists in 2020 Requirements for candidates: candidates of sciences under the age of 30, doctoral students under the Read more

Kozyrieva Olena Vadimivna

Kozyrieva Olena Vadimivna Address: st. O. Nevsky, 18 Phone: (057) 771-81-68 E-mail: management@nuph.edu.ua Autobiography: Kozyrieva Olena Vadimivna (22.06.1975 Kharkiv) – Dr. of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Management and Administration of the National University of Pharmacy. Graduated Read more

Sydorenko Liudmyla

Liudmyla Sydorenko – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Address: Kharkiv 61170, Valentinivska str., 4 Tel. (0572) 67-92-04 E-mail: slv.ludmila16@gmail.com                                  Read more

Posylkina Olha Viktorivna

Posylkina Olha Viktorivna – D.Sc. in Pharmacy, Ph.D. in Economics, professor, head of management and economics of enterprise department Address: Ukraine, Kharkov -140, st. O. Nevskogo, 18 Phone :  8 (057) 771-81-47 Е-mail: o.рosilkina@gmail.com          Autobiography: Professor Posilkina O.V. Read more

Dobrova Victoriia Ye.

DOBROVA Victoriia Ye. Address:  61057 Khsrkiv, Pushkinska St., 27 Тel.  (057) 706-30-72  E-mail: vd311270@gmail.com                                           Autobiography Victoriia Ye. Dobrova was born in 1970 in Read more

Suprun Elina Vladislavovna

Suprun Elina Vladislavovna Address: Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv, Zahysnykiv Ukrainy sq. 17 Telephone: +38(067) 972-96-77 E-mail: elinasuprun202@gmail.com                                                        Autobiography Suprun (Koicheva) Read more