QUESTION: I am a Pharmacy student abroad. What should I o to transfer to your University to continue my studies in Ukraine?

ANSWER: Dear applicant

On behalf of the Rector of the National University of Pharmacy let me

provide you with all information which hopefully will be of a great interest to you concerning admissions procedure to our University

The National University of Pharmacy is located in Kharkov city, Ukraine

and has the 4th level of accreditation (the highest).

NUPh today – is the largest centre for pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Europe.

NUPh was established in the year of 1805.

We have been training pharmacy specialists for foreign countries since 1960.

Since then, National University of Pharmacy has trained more than 5000 Masters of Pharmacy for 89 countries of the world.

At present, there are 17000 students studying at NUPh, more than 1600 of them are international students from above 50 world countries.

Specialties and tuition fees for foreign citizens:

Preparatory department (pre-university training) $1595 per year

Educational and qualification level «MASTER OF SCIENCE» in specialities:





Tuition fees are: $3850 per year (Russian medium of instruction)

$4345 per year (English medium of instruction)


Education conditions

The university is situated in 5 buildings – administrative, chemical and technological, medical and biological, clinical, humanitarian.

NUPh created all the necessary conditions for life and education process:

hostels, where the price depends on the level of comfort;

library, where all the books are given out free of charge;

lecture halls, laboratories and classrooms are equipped in accordance with European standards

reading halls in the hostels where you can study in your free time;

cultural center;

medical centre;

sports and health complex ;

INTERNET-clubs for study, recreation and communication with family and friends;

International telephone, laundry and dry-cleaning;

Cafés and shops;

Botanic garden.

Medical services

Medical services are available for all students in the student hospital and specialized medical centre which is situated in one of the university hostels. Medical aid is delivered by highly qualified doctors. Medical centre of the university is equipped with modern facilities for diagnostics and precaution measures for various illnesses. Medical services for students in the medical center are given free of charge.

Living conditions

Students have the opportunity to live in hostels of two comfort levels: common student hostel and the hostel of higher level of comfort. Average accommodation fee is 35-40$ per month. There are well equipped reading halls, a library, Internet-clubs, international phone connection and a laundry service in the hostels. In every academic building there is a café where a delicious dinner costs around 2$. Public transport fares are: underground one way trip – 25 cents, fixed route taxi-buses – 35 cents.

Details can be obtained from the website: www.nuph.edu.ua

Receiving “Invitation to study”

To become a NUPh student you have to receive an “Invitation to study”. Therefore you have to send us copies of your passport, birth certificate and secondary school leaving certificate (in case you have a diploma of vocational secondary education or Bachelor’s diploma send a copy of diploma and transcript via e-mail interdep@nuph.edu.ua.

Applying for a Ukrainian visa

To receive a visa you have to submit the “Invitation to study” and all the documents for University admission to the Embassy of Ukraine.

You can come to Ukraine from 15 August till 15 November of the current year.

Classes begin on 1st September.

List of required documents:

Original certificate of complete secondary education and its notarized copy;

 Copy of birth certificate;

 General medical certificate of health state, issued not later than 2 months before arrival to Kharkov;

Medical certificate of the HIV-negative status;

National passport

Insurance policy for emergency first aid (can be executed upon arrival to NUPh);

10 photos 30х40 mm;

Open return ticket valid for one year;

For students transferring from other higher education institutions – academic transcript translated into Russian, Ukrainian or English.

Attention to students who are transferring from another University

Transfer to NUPh from other higher educational institutions is made according to the results of difference in educational programs.

Transfer is only possible if the volume and level of student’s previous education complies with the educational program of the University in current sphere.

Decision about enrolment is taken by the committee on the basis of the official academic transcript (including hours) and also education plan listing the disciplines learnt.

Before submitting documents, the student should undergo passport control in the passport office of international students department.

We interview the graduates entering the 1st year of education to check the level of proficiency in English and Russian languages and in chemistry.

Providing the admission board with personal documents the applicant writes the statement addressed to the Rector of NUPh requesting to enrol him/her to the University, fills in the questionnaire and gets acquainted with Regulations on staying in the territory of Ukraine and with NUPh Internal Regulations.

Enrolment of the students to NUPh is performed based on the interview results along with conclusion of a personal contract and upon payment of the tuition fee for a semester or full year.

The education is contract-based; the individual contract is concluded under the condition of enrolment for full period of study.

For detailed information on admissions, please contact:

Centre for international vocational guidance and external relations

National University of Pharmacy

tel/fax +38(057)7062079