Taran Svitlana Grigoriyivna

Таран С. Г.TARAN SVITLANA GRIGORIYIVNA, D.Sc. in Pharmacy, professor.

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

 Kharkiv, Bluhera Str., 4;

phone (fax) 80572673141,

Taran S.G. was born in 28th of December 1949 in Kharkiv. In 1967 she graduated secondary school with a medal and entered Kharkiv Pharmaceutical institute and graduated in 1972 with excellence.
In 1972-1976 she was working by allocation in Kharkiv’s pharmacy №2, and then as a senior pharmaceutical inspector of the Pharmaceutical Office of Kharkiv Regional Executive Committee. Since 1976 she has been working in Kharkiv Pharmaceutical institute: an assistant (1976); an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department (1986-2004); the acting head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department (1988-1993, 1995-1988). From 2005 she is a professor of newly formed Medicinal Chemistry Department of National University of Pharmacy.

1985 – Degree of Candidate of Sciences (PhD in Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacognosy): “Synthesis, structure and biological activity in the series of arylhydrazines acyl derivatives”.

2004– Degree of Doctor of Sciences (in Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmocognosy) “Synthesis and research of biologically active 2-oxo-4-hydroxyquinoline derivatives”.

Taran S.G. is a co-author of a potential thyreostatic substance “Thyreoquin”.

Honors:  has Diploma of Ministry of Education of Ukraine (1993), Diploma of Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2004), Diploma of Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (2005), Diploma of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2004), Diplomas of National University of Pharmacy (2002, 2004), Diploma and Gold Medal of 8th International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “New Time” (2012).

Taran S.G. was a scientific advisor of 4 PhD in Pharmacy:

  1. Evtifeeva O.A. «The synthesis, physico-chemical and biological properties of 3-substituted-4-hydroxy-2-oxoquinolines» – 19992.
  2. Likhanova N.V. «Synthesis and study of physical, chemical and biologital properties of 1-R-4-hydroxy-2-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic acids alkylamides» – 2000.
  3. Kamenetskaya O.L. «Synthesis of biologically active compounds in series of derivatives of 2-oxo-4-hydroxyquinolin-3-acetic acid» – 2001.
  4. Kiz O.V. «Synthesis, chemical and biologital properties of 1-aryl-pyrrolidin-2,4-dion derivatives» – 2010

Publishing activity:

Textbook “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (2008, 2011); the study guides “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”(2002), “Pharmaceutical Analysis” (2004), “Tests on Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (2012), “ For an Entrant of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy” (1999), guidelines (16), model curriculums (5).

Scientific publications:

82 articles (39 in international journals),56 theses of conferences, 10 patents, 5 certificates  of an authorship.

Main works:

  1. Ethyl esters of malonanilic acids. Synthesis and pyrolysis/ I.V.Ukrainets, P.A.Bezugly, V.I.Treskach, S.G.Taran, O.V.Gorokhova // Tetrahedron. – 1994. – Vol. 50, N 34. – P. 10331-10338
  2. Effective Synthesisof 3-(Benzimidazol-2-yl)-4-Hydroxy-2-Oxo-1,2-Dihydroquinolines/ I.V.Ukrainets, P.A.Bezugly, S.G.Taran, O.V.Gorokhova, A.V.Turov // TetrahedronLetters. – 1995. – Vol. 36, N42. – P. 7747-7748
  3. 4-Оксихинолоны-2. 44. Cинтез 2-R-3-оксо­морфолино-[5,6-c]-6-R’-хинолин-5-онов/ С.Г.Таран, И.В.Украинец, Л.В.Сидоренко, О.В.Горохова, ДжарадатНидальАмин// Химия гетероцикл. соединений. – 2000. – № 8 . – С. 1080-1083.
  4. 4-Оксихинолоны-2. 47. Синтез и диуретическаяактивность (2н-1,2,4-бензотиадиазин-1,1-диоксид-3-ил)-метил-амидов 1R-2-оксо-4-гидроксихинолин-3-карбоновых кислот/ С.Г.Таран, И.В.Украинец, Н.В.Лиханова, О.В.Горохова, П.А.Безуглый// Химиягетероцикл. соединений. – 2001. – № 2 . – С. 262-265.
  5. Structureofethyl 4-butilamino-2-chloro-3-quinolinecarboxylate/ I.V. Ukrainets, S.G. Taran, JaradatNidalAmin, V.N. Baumer, O.V. Shishkin// ActaCrystallographicaSection, 2001, E 57, O. 254-255
  6. Димеризация N-арилтетрамовых кислот и их 3-карбэтоксипроизводных / В. А. Зубков,С. Г. Таран, О. В. Кизь, И. С. Гриценко // Журн. орган. та фармац. хім.– 2007. – Т. 5, вип. 4 (20). – С. 10-13.
  7. Пат. 90523U Україна, МПК С07D 207/38, А61Р 29/00. 4-Бензіламіно-1-феніл-1,5-дігідропірол-2-он, який проявляє анальгетичну та протизапальну активність / Зубков В. О., Таран С. Г., Кізь О. В., Яковлєва Л. В., Шаповал О. М., Литвиненко Г. Л.;№200800088,заявл.02.01.2008,опубл.11.05.2010.бюл.№9.
  8. Пат.98446U Україна, МПК С07D 207/00 А61К 31/40. 1-Феніл-4-о-толіл­аміно-1,5-дігідропірол-2-он, який проявляє анальгетичну та протизапальну активність / Зубков В. О., Таран С. Г, Гриценко І. С., Кізь О. В., Яковлєва Л. В, Шаповал О. М., Литвиненко Г. Л.;№200805674;заявл.30.04.2008, опубл. 25.05.2012, бюл.№10.


In 2009  received a grant from the Canadian branch of USTC «Globalpartnership» to participate in the conference “Science and Technology for the people” , Toronto , Canada.

Taran S.G. gives lectures and classes in pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, standardization of medicines, methods for stadying drag metabolism.    

Hobbies: travelling, history.


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