Academic Mobility Department

Address: 53, Pushkinska str.,4th floor, office 403
Tel/Fax: (057) 706-30-71

NUPh Academic Mobility Department is responsible for any issues in regard to academic mobility (business trips abroad documentation with the aim of internships, training, research, lecturing in the frameworks of the interuniversities agreements on cooperation with foreign higher education institutions and funded projects) of the educational process participants (Bachelors, Masters, Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Science, scientific-pedagogical and other staff of the University).

Head of the Academic Mobility Department

Chitishvili Viktoriya Viktorivna

Tel/Fax: (057) 706-20-79

Tel.: (057)706-30-71


Department staff

 1st category specialist of the Academic Mobility Department

Sova Kateryna Yuriivna


 Specialist of the Academic Mobility Department

Matsko Yana Oleksiivna


MAIN FUNCTIONS AND TASKS OF THE Academic Mobility Department

Planning and coordination of the University’s international activities through interaction of the University’s structural units in the field of international cooperation, including:

  • information support of the University’s structural units on international activities;
  • preparation of proposals to determine priority areas of the international activities;
  • coordination of the University’s structural units work on participation in the international programs and projects;
  • coordination of trainings, internships and academic exchanges;
  • coordination and consulting assistance to structural units to engage highly qualified foreign specialists for lecturing, conducting consultations, joint scientific research;
  • coordination and consulting assistance to the University’s structural units in the development of educational-methodological programs and plans in the framework of bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs in science, education and culture, as well as international events on the basis of international experience;
  • consulting and organizational assistance in organizing business trip abroad.

Information and representation activities of the University on the international stage, including:

  • representation of the University at international meetings and other contacts;
  • organization of information and advertising activities to attract foreign citizens to study at the University;
  • publicity the University’s achievements through participation in international exhibitions, congresses, seminars;
  • preparation of reference, information and reporting materials on the University’s international programs;
  • preparation of analytical and information materials on condition and prospects for the development of the University’s international relations in the field of education and science;
  • participation in the preparation of materials for domestic and foreign media on the international relations of the University in order to form a positive image of the University abroad;
  • presentation of the University’s international activities at meetings with prospective students, students, etc.

Establishment and development of effective mutually beneficial partnerships with foreign educational and scientific institutions, preparation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs in the field of science, education and culture, including:

  • search of information on grants, foreign internships, scholarship programs;
  • search of international contacts necessary for scientific, scientific-practical and educational-methodical work of the NUPh;
  • interaction with state bodies, public organizations and private individuals on issues related to international cooperation;
  • promotion of the development of interdepartmental, cultural, scientific and educational-methodical relations with foreign higher education institutions;
  • coordination, organization and facilitation of participation in international academic exchange programs;
  • organization of reception of foreign delegations, exchange of delegations;
  • entry of the NUPh into international organizations, associations, etc.