April 27, 2011 I research-to-practice workshop “Nanopharmacy at NUPh. Realia and prospects”, department of pharmacology, department of pharmaceutical technology of drugs

Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine
National University of Pharmacy
Department of chemist’s technology of drugs named after D.P. Salo
Department of pharmacology
First Research-to-practice seminar
“Nanopharmacy at NUPh.
Realia and prospects”

27 April 2011;

Address: 4 Blukhera str., chemical and technological building of NUPh, lecture hall 3.
Seminar sched

9:00 -10:00 Registration of seminar participants

10:00 – 13:00 Seminar activity

13:00 – 13:30 Coffee-break

13:30 – 14:30 Discussion

14:30 -15:30   Seminar summary

Chair: corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof. Chernykh V.P.

Co-chairmen: prof. Kovalenko S.M.

Prof. Tykhonov O.I.

Prof. Drogovoz S.M.

Responsible secretaries: prof. Tykhonova S.O.

Prof. Zaychenko G.V.

Secretary: as. Gaydukova O.O.

Working languages at the seminar: Ukrainian, Russian

Seminar opening

Chernykh Valentyn Petrovych – corr. member of NAS of Ukraine, professor, rector of the National University of Pharmacy


1.      Prospective directions of using nanosilica as drug component.

Speaker – Doctor of chemical sciences, prof., head of the department of medico-biological problems of surfaces at the O.O. Chuiko Institute of surface chemistry of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine Turov V.V.

2.      Biomedical aspects of applying nonorganic nanoparticles.

Speaker – Doctor of chemical sciences, head of the “NanoMedNech” laboratory Stroyuk O.L.

Chemical unit

3.      Application of surface-activesubstances as nanoreactorsin chemical analysis.

Speaker – PhD (pharm.), department of analytical chemistry of NUPh, assoc. prof.KlymenkoL.Yu.

4.      Magnetic nanoparticles of medical use.

Speaker – PhD(chemistry), department of non-organic chemistry of NUPh, assoc. prof.Vedernikova  I.O.

5.      Nanotechnological drug design

Speaker – PhD (pharm.), department of quality management of NUPh, assoc. prof.GubinYu.I.

Physical and mathematical unit

6.      Nanotechnology. Achievements and prospects of development of electronics, medicine and pharmacy.

Speaker – Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, department of physics ofNUPhprof. Storozhenko I.P.

Technological unit

7.      Nanotechnology in drug design.

Speaker – Doctor of pharm. sciences,department of chemist’s technology of drugs of NUPh, prof.Tykhonova S.O.

8.      Presentation: Improving technology of receiving nanoparticles of natural or chemical origin.

Speaker – head of “EcoAgroTech” LLC Murtischev O.M.

Medico-biological unit

9.      Nanodrugs: Myth or reality? Pharmacologist’s view

Speaker – doctor of medical sciences, department of pharmacology of NUPh, prof. Zaychenko G.V.

10.  Prospects of creation of nanobiotechnological drugs based on bacteriophages.

Speaker – PhD (pharm.) department of biotechnology of NUPh, assoc. prof. Tkach M.M.

  1. 11.  Biological activeness of liposomal medications: micro- to nano-size.

Speaker – doctor of biological sciences, head of the department of biological chemistry of NUPh, prof. Zagayko A.L.

  1. 12.  Prospects of using nanotechnologies in infectious diseases therapy

Speaker – doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology of NUPh, prof. Filimonova N.I.

  1. 13.  Fundamental-applied aspects of implementation of nanobiology in pharmacy.

Speaker – honored worker of education of Ukraine, assistant at the department of biology, physiology and human anatomy of NUPh Sadovnichenko Yu.O.

Clinical unit

  1. 14.  Nanotechnologies in modern medicine.

Speaker – Doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of pharmacotherapy of NUPh, prof. Samura B.A.

Toxicological unit

  1. 15.  Nanotoxicology: realia and prospects.

Speaker – Doctor of Chemical sciences, head of the department of toxicological chemistry of NUPh, assoc. prof. Zhuravel’ I.O.

Commodity scienceunit

  1. 16.  Nanotechnologies in commodity science.

Speaker – PhD (pharm.), department of commodity science of NUPh, assoc. prof. Demyanenko D.V.