Archive 2009

30 November – 12 December 2009 Due to appeal of the Ministry of Health and Public Care of the Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic lecturers of NUPh Institute for Pharmacists qualification Improvement (Suprun Ye.V., Kogukhova Т.V., Iakovenko V.К., Vyshnevska L.І., Pechenizka L.A., Evtifeeva A.А., Vladimirova І.М.) gave a series of lectures (seminars) with the aim of subject-matter improvement for specialists in Pharmacy at the Tyraspol Medical college after L.A. Tarasevichus.

30 November – 5 December, 2009 – visit to Yerevan, Giumri, Dilijan (Armenia) Prof. Popov Sergey B., assoc. prof. Ivanova Karina A., assoc. prof. Prokopenko Tina S.

Journey with the aim of implementation on practice scheduled routes of cooperation, establishment of brances of the NUPh College on basis of Medical Colleges in Dilijan and Giumri;

Visiting the Yerevan Medical Univeristy named after Mkhitar Geratsi, Megrabyan University, Yerevan National University in order to discuss an issues of academic exchange implementation; joint training of specialists for Pharmaceutical branch of Armenia;

Active feedback regarding to prospective students;

Presentation of the University at the State Medical University named after Mkhitara Geratsi (Yerevan); discussion of possibility for introduction of “Dual Degrees” system between the national University of Pharmacy and the State Medical University of Yerevan according to scheme “2+3”  (learning of basics of fundamental subjects in Armenia for the first two years – with futher studying in Ukraine, at NUPh) in terms of Agreement of October 2009 for scientific and educational-methodical collaboration in the field of pharmaceutical education; consideration to academic exchange issues.

17  – 24 November, 2009 – prof. Popov Sergey B., prof. Kislichenko Viktoriia S., assoc. prof. Zaychenko Anna V.. Presentation of the University at secondary schools and vocational estanlishments)

Meeting at the International Relations department of the Ministry of Higher education of Tajikistan;

Establishment of the Informative-consultative centre on education at Kharkov Universities on basis of secondary school №21 in Dushanbe – the first such Centre in the Republic for vocational guidance providing to attract Tajik yorth to study in Ukraine and, particulary, in Kharkov;

Visit to Tajik Medical University named after Abuali ibni Sino; participation in scientific and practical conference on the occasion of 70th anniversary of TMU; acquaintance with technical and educational bases of the University; experience sharing, curriculums exchange, discussion on potential routes of cooperation, implementation in the 2010/2011 academic year academic exchanges to let students to undergo practical training abroad in Pharmacognosy, Botanics, Resource Study; production meeting with the Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty; discussion of standard curriculum for pharmacists’ training, comparative analyses of educational programs of the National University of Pharmacy and Tajik State Medical Univeristy; visit to the bases of educational practice in Pharmacognosy, Botanics, Resource Study in the foothills of Pamir; discussion of the point of issue of requirements for practical training morganisation, programs of practice;

Meeting with the Minister of Public Health of Tajikistan Mr. Salimov Nusratulo F.; discussion of scientific training for Tajikistan; new issues regarding continuation of cooperation between states in the Medical and Pharmaceutical education were pointed out.

28 – 30 October, 2009 – Prof. Chernykh as a member of the delegation of Kharkov higher education institutes visited Dushanbe city (Tajikistan).

Participation in business forum; an impact on mutual interest in bilateral cooperation in education sphere between NUPh and HEIs of Tajikistan has made;

Meeting with administration of Tajik Medical University named after Abuali ibni Sino; presentation of scientofoc, education and methodic potential of the University; agreement on joint postgraduate and doctoral education providing, academic exchanges implementation, advanced training for pharmacists;

Presentation of the University at secondary schools in the central district of the city;

Meetings at the Ministry of Education; presentation of pharmaceutical branch of Kharkov region; agreement on establishment of Informative Centre in Dushanbe on issues of higher educaton obtaining on basis of Kharkov HEIs;

Meetings with graduates of Kharkov universities.

Meeting with Deputy Minister of Economic Development and trade of Tajikistan; separate issue was made on creation of combined program with the Ministry for selecting, processing and saling of medicinal plants of Tajikistan;

Meeting with president of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon, who supported proposal for development of strategic collaboration between Tajikistan and Kharkov region, especialii in the field of education. The President stated that the Branch of National University of Pharmacy will be established on basis of Tajik state medical university after Abuali ibni Sino.

20  – 23 April, 2009 – visiting to the Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic (Rybnitse and Vulkenesh cities) Assoc. prof. Vishnevskaya Liliia I.

Presentation of the University at secondary schools and vocational estanlishments)

13 – 15 October, 2009 – professor Chernykh visited Yerevan city (Armenia) as a member of official delegation of Kharkov Regional State Administration and representatives of business community of Kharkov region.

At the meeting with Minister of Science and Education the higher education system of Kharkov region and the National University of Pharmacy were presented; it was stressed on the Syrian Government appeal to the University to complete training according to an individual program for Syrian citizens who were taught Pharmacy at Universities in Yerevan; the question of the University Branch establishment on basis of Medical college of Dilizhan was pointed out and preliminary consent of the Ministry of Science and Education has already been obtained; an offer to combine licence of borth education institutes so that not only provide specialists training, but also create jointly new medicines on basis of the Branch;

Meeting with governors of Loriysk, Vayots Dzorzsk and Tavush regions with the aim of inter-regional cooperation development in the field of science and education; have been made arrangements concerning futher directions of collaboration regarding:

educational activity –training of specialists’ for pharmaceutical branch of Armenia combined with Armenian state higher education institutes that have an appropriate licence; academic and cultural exchanges; lectures by outstanding teachers of the National niversity of Pharmacy and Armenian HEIs that provide training on the speciality “Pharmacy” (Yerevan State Medical University named after Mhitara Geratsi (Faculty of Pharmacy); Mehrabyan Medical University on Yerevan (Faculty of Pharmacy); organizing of «Open Days for Education in Kharkov region» in Armenia and related events on the territory of the region; drugs design – development of cooperation in chemical synthesis, development of technological regulations, pre-clinical and clinical research of drugs.

29 September – 6 October, 2009 – prof. Popov Sergey B. visited Republic of Tunis (Tunisia and Monastyr cities)

Meetings at the Ministries of Education and Public Health of Tunis, and at the Embassy of Ukraine in Tunis;

Pharmaceutical Faculty Visiting of the Monastyr University;

Meetings with graduates of school and colleges, prospective students and their parents; presentation of the National University of Pharmacy;

Meetings with NUPh graduates