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Dean of the Faculty 

Tel./fax: +38 (057) 706-30-96


Pre-university education

Kovalenko Zoia IvanivnaPh.D. in Pharmacy, Associate Professor, Head of  Department of Foundational and Language Training

Tel/fax: +38 (057)706-22-53




Dean of the Faculty:

Kuznietsova Viktoriia Yuriivna, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor

Address: 61002, 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel. / Fax: +38 (057) 706-15-89, +38 (057) 706-21-83, (057) 706-22-79




Dean of the Faculty:

Surikov Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor of the Social Pharmacy Department

Address: 61002, 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel.:  +38 (057) 706-15-92


Набока О.І Dean of the Faculty:

Naboka Olga Ivanivna, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.

Address: 61002, 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (057) 706-30-97


University administration


Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (057) 706-35-81
Fax: +38 (057) 706-15-03
Visiting hours: Tuesday 1500-1700.

Chief Vice-Rector on educational work

Fedosov Andrii Igorevych,
Candidate (PhD) of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

+38 (057) 706-35-81

Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work
Zahaiko Andrii  Leonidovich

+38 (057) 706-30-71

Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work

Krutskih T. V.

Tel.: +38 (057) 706-21-35

Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work

Halii Larysa Vitaliivna, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel/Fax:(057) 706-22-69

Kukhtenko Oleksandr SergiiovychVice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work

Kukhtenko Oleksandr Sergiiovych, Candidate (PhD) of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel./fax:  +38  (057) 706-21-79







Principal conditions of accident insurance

Principal conditions of accident insurance in accordance with the Rules of voluntary accident insurance №210.1/1

  1. The rights and obligations and responsibilities of the parties for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Insurance Contract.

1.1. During the term of the Insurance Contract, Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person is entitled to:

1.1.1. receive insurance benefits in the manner and amount prescribed by the Insurance Contract;

1.1.2. contact the Insurer with reasonable claims in case if insurer refuses to make an insurance settlement payment;

1.1.3. appoint a person (hereinafter Beneficiary) to obtain the insurance sum in case of death of Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person due to an accident, and change this person before insured event.

1.2 Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person shall:

1.2.1. comply with all conditions of the Insurance Contract;

1.2.2. take measures to prevent and reduce damage caused in the result of an accident;

1.2.3. not later than five (5) working days from the date of accident, which subsequently can be qualified as insurance, notify the Insurer.

1.3. The Insurer is entitled to:

1.3.1. check information reported by notified Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person;

1.3.2. refuse to pay in case of:

– deliberate actions of the Insurance Policyholder or the person, for the benefit of to whom the Insurance Contract is concluded, are aimed at the occurrence of the insured event;

– commission of an intentional crime that led to the insured event by Insurance Policyholder or the person, for the benefit of to whom the Insurance Contract is concluded;

– deliberate submission of false information by Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person about the object of insurance or the fact of the insured event;

– Other cases envisaged by the legislation of Ukraine.

1.4. The Insurer shall:

1.4.1. familiarize the Insurance Policyholder with the conditions and the Rules of insurance.

1.5. The Insured Person hereunder acquires the rights and the obligations of the Insurance Policyholder.

1.6. Parties are responsible in accordance with insurance regulations and laws of Ukraine for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Insurance Contract. For late payment of the insurance due to the fault of the Insurer, Insurance Policyholder is paid the penalty in the amount of double rate of the National Bank of Ukraine effective during the period for which the penalty is paid and calculated from the amount of late payment.

  1. The order of changes and termination of the Insurance Contract

2.1. The Insurance Contract shall be terminated in case of:

– expiration of Contract validity period;

– fulfillment of obligations by the Insurer to the Insurance Policyholder in full;

– death of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person;

– failure by the Insurance Policyholder to pay insurance payments within deadlines the established by the Contract;

– liquidation of the Insurer in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

– judicial decision on the recognition of Insurance Contract invalid.

The Insurance Contract can be terminated unilaterally by the request of the Insurance Policyholder or Insurer.

Either party shall notify the other about the intention of early termination of the Contract not later than 30 calendar days before the date of termination.

In case of early termination of the Contract at the request of the Insurance Policyholder, the Insurer returns the insurance payments to the Insurance Policyholder for the period remaining before the end of the Contract validity, inclusive of case conducting, determined when calculating the insurance rate (30%), actual payments of insurance sums, which were made under this Contract.

Changes to the Contact are made with the consent of the Insurance Policyholder and the Insurer by concluding additional contracts to the current Contract, which are its integral parts upon signature.

  1. Reasons for denial to make insurance payments

The Insurer is not liable and does not make payments in case of death, disability, temporary incapacity of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person or traumatic injuries if they are directly or indirectly related to:

– deliberate actions or gross negligence by the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person or Beneficiary or Heir;

– intentional infliction bodily injury to him/herself by Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person;

– suicide or suicide attempt, except when the Insured Person was brought to such state by illegal actions of third parties;

– driving of means of land or water transport by Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person without corresponding license or appropriate category, and assigning of driving of transport by Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person to a person who is in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, does not have driver’s license or appropriate category ;

– flights on any aircraft, except when the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person is flying as a passenger in civil aircraft, whose owner has a license for passenger transportation;

– participation in sports classes, trainings, competitions and other occupations related to increased risk for life and health, except when additional fare is paid, as stipulated in the “Special Conditions” of the Contract;

– service in the armed forces and military units;

– force majeure circumstances (war, military operation, their consequences, public unrest, revolution, rebellion, uprising, civil unrest, strikes, acts of terrorism, extraordinary, special or military situations announced by the government bodies in accordance with law, natural disasters, radioactive, chemical or bacteriological contamination, effect of ionizing radiation);

– diseases of various kinds, self-treatment, adverse effects of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

The loss of employability is not an insurance case and therefore does not have the basis for payment.

Sudden deterioration of the health of people due to food poisoning, epidemics and other diseases is not considered the insured event.

The Insurer is not liable and does not perform insurance payments in cases when Insured Person was under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other substances that can cause intoxication at the time of accident, except for taking these substances as a result of illegal actions of third parties in the form of coercion or threat to life.

  1. The terms of the insurance payments

4.1. Insurance payment is made based on insurance act of Insurer, application of Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person and the following documents:

– Insurance Contract;

– documents confirming the insured event (original or copies, certified by relevant medical institutions or authorized representative of Insurer):

– medical certificate (or certificates) signed by the responsible person and sealed by medical institution, certificate of incapacity for work from medical institution with the appropriate stamp including the name of patient, accurate diagnosis, date of application for medical help, duration of treatment;

– act of accident at work detailing the reasons that caused the insured event, signed by the director or the representative of a company at which the Insured Person works, by another responsible person or act of accident outside work (form НT) in case of non work-related accident;

– documents issued by medical-social expert commission (MSEC), confirming the disability group;

– X-ray pictures, conclusion of laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnostics, and other documents at the Insurer’s request, if necessary for the decision making.

– in case of death of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person due to an accident – death certificate of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person; autopsy protocol, or act of forensic medical expert examination;

– documents of succession (for heirs);

– passport and identification number of the person who receives the insurance payment.

4.2. Insurance payment is made only in the territory of Ukraine in the national currency of Ukraine (UAH) in the following amounts:

– in case of death of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person due to an accident that took place during the Insurance Contract validity – 100% of the insured sum;

– in the case of primary disability of the Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person due to an accident that took place during the Insurance Contract validity: 50% of the insured sum – for the third group of disability, 75% of the insured sum – for the second group of disability, 100% of the insured sum – for the first group of disability;

– in the case of traumatic injuries and functional disturbances due to an accident – according to the “Table of amount of insurance payments for accident insurance” (Annex №1 to Regulations №210.1/1 “Voluntary Accident Insurance”),

4.3. At the occurrence of an insured event and presence of all the necessary documents, the Insurer makes decision to pay within 15 working days or refuse to pay within 5 working days of the day of receipt of the last document and makes payment within the insured sum within 15 working days after the decision is made.

  1. Procedure for dispute resolution

Disputes concerning this Contract shall be resolved by negotiation, if it is impossible – by judicial procedure.

Students’ rights and duties

Student has a right to:

  • dignity to be respected;
  • get education according to state educational standards and academic curriculum of the University;
  • use libraries and informational resources of University for free;
  • get complementary services (including paid ones );
  • take part in all kinds of research works, conferences and symposiums of NUPh;
  • get the complete information connected with education;
  • use academic freedom of speech and thought, express  opinion and views concerning science, social and cultural questions if there is no contradiction with legislation of Ukraine and  standard acts of NUPh;
  • be supplied with healthy and safe conditions during education process.

Student is obliged:

  • execute all financial duties, which are defined in the contract for education;
  • execute the decisions of self-government authorities, rector’s orders, directions of  vice-rector and  dean of the department;
  • do tasks that are set by educational program: attend all kinds of classes, to be in time for classes; pass all the controlling tests according to educational plan;
  • in case of failure to appear at classes a student should report dean’s office about this  and give a document, which explains the reason of missing the classes (in case of illness student must give a certificate witnessed by students polyclinic);
  • to wear white smock during lectures and studies;
  • not to use any type of mobile connection during studies;
  • show student’s card at the entrance to any of the University’s buildings;
  • not to allow any corrections or additions to student’s cards, individual educational plans, references or any other documents;
  • greet teachers rising  up at his entrance into the classroom;
  • go in and out of the classroom during the classes upon teacher’s permission only;
  • to behave with respect to other students, teachers and other workers of the University: do not use rude words, expressions  or outrages that can offense any of them;
  • be careful with University’s property (stock, furniture, computers, laboratories  and classrooms’ equipment, reading halls, public spaces, books, teaching aids, working clothes, etc.);
  • keep up the cleanness and order in all educational buildings of NUPh;
  • observe rules of behavior in dormitory, instructions demands on safety techniques and fire safety (smoking on the territory of NUPh is severely forbidden).


      Useful advice:

  • Always take your passport with you;
  • Write down phone numbers of police and dean’s office;
  • Let the parents know your address and address of the University. Arrange with them a special code, mentioning of which will signalize of your being in danger;
  • Do not pay attention to aggressive people;
  • Be careful at acquaintances with new people;
  • Have a walk at daytime; Do not go outside without serious reason during mass festivities in the city;
  • Keep on a distance from a new people when first meeting. Do not stare at them.

Students Scientific Society (SSS)

Address: 53, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv, 61002
Теl.: +38 (057) 706-30-71
Fax: +38 (057) 706-30-71

Head of SSS
Zatylnikova Olga Oleksandrivna, Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy, assistant of Department of Botany.

Principal of SSS

Kulikovska Kristina Yuriivna

The Students Scientific Society (SSS) is an important constituent of the University activity. SSS leads to professional training improvement, discovery of the most gifted youth.

The aim of Students Scientific Society is promotion of scientific world-view creation,  young scientists encouragement in getting knowledge in methodology and methods for scientific research. The productivity of students scientific work depends directly upon coordination of the all components of the professional training system, orientation of student’s needs and incentives in research-making from the first up to the last year of study and in personal approach to study process.

Concept of the SSS activity:

  • leadership of scientific creativity;
  • all members equality;
  • organic connection between study process and scientific research;

The main aims and tasks of SSS:

  • assistance to forming conditions for discovery scientific and creative potential of students;
  • searching for creative researchers among students, providing them with comprehensive assistance and support;
  • development of individual, creative capabilities, initiative approach to learning;
  • organization and development of inter-universities and international scientific and creative cooperation;
  • getting professional skills for working in the scientific-pedagogical and industrial fields;
  • assistance to introduction achievements of Pharmaceutical Sciences into practical Medicine and Pharmacy;
  • holding students scientific conferences;
  • assistance in publication of the best scientific works.

With the said aims the Students Scientific Society:

  • prepares proposals for development and improvement of scientific and creative students activity and presents it to the Scientific Council, Rectors Council and administrative subdivisions;
  • organizing of competitions for scholarship obtaining and others encouraging events;
  • presents candidates for getting personal scholarship and grants, provides proposals to the scientific Council, Rector’s council and management bodies of the faculties;
  • contacts with organization, enterprises and institutions which connect with the SSS activity.

Functions of SSS:

Ø   carrying out management and methodical materials regards to search andselection of creative youth for organization of its active participation in scientific researchers.

  • completion of scientific projects;
  • selection of the best Graduate papers and Degree Thesis and their popularization;
  • preparation for scientific conferences, school discussion sessions, practical courses, round tables for discussions.

Ø   making concrete proposals of improvement of scientific and methodical works with creative youth, activation of young people participation in scientific researches;

  • assistance with creation of groups and organizations of creative students, their effective activity;
  • study, summarizing and dissemination of advanced experience of higher education institutes in the field of organization of science-to-research work of students;
  • pursuing preliminary selection and approbation of the best students’ works and its submitting for competition;
  • coordination of university subsections regards to improvement of students’ scientific works.

Through realization of the key tasks of the Students Scientific Society students have a possibility:

  • direct conversation with supervisor;
  • learning how to work with scientific materials, laboratory equipment, and experimental animals;
  • getting experience in making public speech with reports;
  • participation in creation of new original substances, biologically active compounds, assimilation methods of analyses and standardization of medicines;
  • implementation of laboratory research, course papers and Diploma Thesis, with elements of scientific researches;
  • fulfillment of tasks for scientific researches during educational and practical training;
  • carrying-out separate research tasks on the instructions of supervisor;
  • analyzing and summarizing of experimental research data in reports, abstracts, articles, discoveries, etc.

Modern Students’ Scientific Society of the National University of Pharmacy includes 46 scientific groups of Departments, embraces above 700 students. In order to implement qualitative scientific works of students, Departmental groups joint on 16 different scientific directions:

Chemical and pharmacognostical departments:

  • Synthesis of physiologically active substances
  • Research of medical plants and development of phytopreparations
  • Drugs standardization. Pharmaceutical and chemical-toxicological analyses.

Medical, Biological and Clinical departments:

  • Pre-clinical pharmacological study on new drugs.
  • Topic issues of modern medicine and microbiology
  • Pathogenetic basics of Pharmacotherapy of Pathological states
  • Clinical trials. Pharmaceutical care.

Technological departments:

  • Industrial technology and its introduction into manufacturing of medicines.
  • Topic issues of extemporary prescription.

Administrative and economical departments:

  • Pharmaceutical-economical research of medicines
  • Management and Marketing in Pharmacy
  • Organization of economics of modern pharmaceutical branch ofUkraine.
  • Quality management in Pharmacy and Medicine inUkraine.

Departments for Social Science, Humanities, Physical and Math:

  • Іnnovative technologies in Pharmacy and medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical law and Forensic Pharmacy.
  • Social Science and Philology.

Students, who are members of the Scientific Students’ Society take active part in applied and fundamental scientific researches on basis of the University, writing Diploma Thesis that is a fragment of initiative and searching subjects.

Scientific and research work of students as professionals in future is a point of a great importance and a deep respect of teaching staff of the University, which today became an integral element of educational process and training of students youth, with creation of appropriate scientific skills and talents of organizators of scientists.

NUPh Students’ Scientific Society holds All-Ukrainian science-to-practice annual conference «Topic Issues of new drugs creation», which in the 2007-2008 academic year became a scientific event not only for students but also for young scientists. Scientific research data are published at the book of collected abstracts and reports by University Publishing House. The best scientific works of SSS members every year participate at different scientific competitions and get awards.

Every student can be a member of University Students Scientific Society, who is urge towards improve their knowledge, and also take part in scientific research providing. Since student gets a success in scientific and educational activity he obtaines recommendations for further postgraduate training.

As the Postgraduate training department stated, 95% of graduate and postgraduate students during their studies at the University were members of departmental study groups.

One of the important achievements of our University is the increased number of students interested in scientific research. Students consider the scientific activity to be prestigious.

Students’ Parliament

Chief of Students’ Parliament

Bondarchuk Iryna, 4-year student, speciality “Clinical Pharmacy”

tеl. 063 613 93 77;  050 279 09 80.

Secretary of Students’ Parliament

Ignatenko Mariya, 3-year student, speciality “Pharmacy”

tеl. 093 218 00 64

Hello, Student!

Students’ Parliament of the National University of Pharmacy greets you!

If you are interested in scientific and social life of the University, students unified management, if you are not indifferent to how your students’ life is going on, if you have a strong desire to do something useful and interesting for students which could attract them…

You are the one we are searching for!

Students’ Parliament it is a strong team of people who are sure of the fact that they open the door to future by new possibilities creating. Implementation of new ideas, search for innovative approaches, movement forward – these ideas are fundamental for students’ management.

The core tasks of Students’ Parliament today: to provide every student with new possibilities for realization their intellectual and creative abilities, development of initiatives and leadership creating.

Directions of NUPh Students’ Parliament are that follow:

Data sector

Head: Duyun Darya 093 938 41 45

–  Sector for interuniversity’s and international relations

Head: acting Andreev Aleksandr  063 190 09 06

Voluntary sector

Head: acting Lobanova Darya 095 397 43 60

Scientific and educational sector

Head: Tsyvunin Vadim 096 856 58 31

Sports sector

Head: Mayboroda Lena 093 408 62 68

Sector for social and cultural public affairs

Head: Platonov Myhailo 099 307 01 52

And also…

You are warmly welcome to join the amazing process that will enable your and our lives to turn around!

Though we are few for the present, we feel an urge to do something to improve and to influence on decision-making at the University! The stronger desire, the more productive process!

And remember that working together is as interesting as a leisure time spending!

We are waiting for you! You are kindly always welcome!

Best regards,

Students Parliament of the National University of Pharmacy


Reception room of NUPh Students’ Parliament is open for you

according to the following schedule:

Address: 4, Bluchera St., Reception room of NUPh Students’ Parliament (downstairs from Xerox).

Everyone is welcome!

Monday                                         12.00 – 12.50

Tuesday                                        12.00 – 12.50

Wednesday                                   12.00 – 12.50

Thursday                                      14.00 -14.50

Friday                                            12.00 – 12.50


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Iryna Bondarchuk on tel. 063 613 93 77; 050 279 09 80.


Cultural Centre

The experience of youth leisure activities shows that the most attractive forms of it is music, dancing, games, talk shows, KVN (“Club of the Funny and Inventive”). It should be taken into account not only the real interests of young people, or anticipate their constant changes, but to respond to these changes, constantly offering new forms and types of entertainment.Kul-turny-j-tsentr-NFaU We have it all and we are glad to see a student with any interests at the Cultural Centre! This is a house for students, where you can chat with your friends and make your life interesting. Students write scripts, conduct rehearsals, in short, are involved in the preparation of creative sections for different events here. Different ideas of costume design, stage design, artistic and musical content of the event are born during this creative process.

It often happens that the participants do not become interested even in the result –stage performance, success with the audience, but just in the process of preparation: generation of ideas, experiment, feeling of involvement with public life of the National University of Pharmacy and its students.

Any display of talent from acting and vocal skills to drawing, making fake props and costumes from the material at hand is in demand at the Cultural Centre. Experience shows that youth has boundless imagination where there is a creative atmosphere. There is a new creative idea, experiment here every day, where by trial and error small performances, scenes, miniatures are created, where interesting people find things in common, ways of self expression, understanding and common interests.

Our creative teams:

parady-z-NFaUVariety dance ensemble «Paradise»

The ensemble was founded in 1997. Variety dance ensemble is directed by the graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture Yevgeniia Kalashnyk.

Its trademark is different genres of dance compositions, energy and enthusiasm. The dance group consists of the University students, who can and love to dance. In its repertoire: contemporary dance, modern dance, acting and subject compositions. Flexible and musical, bright and beautiful – like that the girls from «Paradise» are seen at the stages of the city and in their own university.

Awards of variety dance ensemble «Paradise»:

  • Award winner of inter-branch competition of regional trade union of healthcare workers “Vernissage 1997″;
  • Award winner of show contest “Young stars of Kharkiv 1998″;
  • Award winner of inter-branch competition of regional trade union of healthcare workers “Vernissage 1998″;
  • Laureate of the contest show “Young Stars of Kharkiv 1999″;
  • Laureate of inter-branch competition of the regional trade union of healthcare workers “Vernissage”;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2000″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2002″;
  • Grand Prix of inter-branch competition of the regional trade union of healthcare workers “Rhythms of the Planet 2002″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2003″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2004″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2005″;
  • Award winner of regional festival “Kharkiv is 350 years old”;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2006″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2007″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2010″.

In 2006, the team was awarded the honorary title “People’s amateur team of trade unions of Ukraine”;

Extreme dance Studio (break dance) «NOTA BENE».

The team was founded in October 2004, and ever since it is a permanent participant of all activities of the Cultural Centre of NUPh. The team is actively involved in the popularization of healthy lifestyle.

Awards of extreme dance Studio «NOTA BENE»

  • Participant of the regional break-dance festival;
  • Participant of the city festival “Sport during life”;
  • Award winner of the regional festival “To the 60th anniversary of the Victory dedicated…”

In September 2007, a new break dance team «Kharkiv City Bratz» was founded. It represented our University, not only on city stages, but also took:

  •  Second place at the city competition “Open B-Boy`s X Session.VI -2007″;
  •  First place at the city festival “Break Dance-2008″;
  • Third place at the break dance festival “UA BBoy Games Battle of the Eastern Region 2008″ Gorlovka;
  • Laureate of Kharkiv city competition of amateur talent groups “Student spring -2008″;
  • Second place at the international break dance festival in Belarus, Minsk, 2008.


The association was founded in 1997. The association consists of the following KVN teams:

“Play, hormone!” (“Igray, gormon!”) – a team of graduates in 2003:

  • annual participants of All-Ukrainian Festival of Ukrainian KVN teams “Pearl at the sea”, Odessa from 1999 to 2003;
  • participants of the game “Extreme – KVN”, Kiev;
  • participants of Donetsk KVN League;
  • participants of the regional and city festivals of KVN teams;
  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities;

“Young Winds” (“Molodye vetra”) – a team of graduates in 2004:

  • participants of the regional festival of KVN teams “Sloboda meetings – 2002″;

“Return the money” (“Vernite dengi”) – a team of graduates in 2005.

“Yard guys”(“Dvorovye rebiata”) – a team of graduates in 2006:

  • participants of All-Ukrainian Festival of Ukrainian KVN teams “Pearl at the sea”, Odessa;
  • participants of the regional and city festivals of KVN teams;
  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

“Men in Black”(“Liudi v chernom”) – a team of graduates in 2007:

  • participants of All-Ukrainian Festival of Ukrainian KVN teams “Pearl at the sea”, Odessa;
  • participants of the regional and city festivals of KVN teams;
  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

“PIMP” – a team of graduates in 2009:

  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

“New format” (“Novyy format”) – a team of graduates in 2009:

  • participants of the city festivals of KVN teams;
  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

“Royal Flash” – a team of graduates in 2010:

  • participants     of “Cup Winners’ Cup” of the open Kharkiv City Youth League of KVN-2006;
  • participants of the Students’ Festival of KVN teams 2006;
  • finalists (3rd place) of Berdyansk open KVN League -2007;
  • participants of the All-Ukrainian League AMIC in 2007, Odessa;
  • finalist (2nd place) of “Cup of Love” in 2007, Kharkiv;
  • permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

“Hipsters” (“Stiliagy”)

Participants of the open Kharkiv City Youth KVN League – 2009.

“Tear off and throw away!” (“Otorvi i vykin!”)

In 2010, the team separated from “Hipsters” and created their own alternative team.

“Non-GMO”kvn-bez-gmo-NFaUThe motto of this team is: “Life is beautiful, live and have fun together with us! We will help you with this! ”

Permanent participants of all NUPh activities.

kvn-kuvalda-NFaU “Sledgehammer”(“Kuvalda”)

The composition of this team is purely female, but very versatile: singers, dancers and simply girls with KVN lifestyle.

And what about the name? We did not want to be called tritely and commonly in the sort of “Spike heels” or “Blondes”, and hardly anyone would think that the team doesn’t include guys at all. But, despite this, no team’s performance passes without “male roles.”

Student Theatre of variety miniatures «Attelana».

The theatre was founded under the leadership of actor Constiantyn Kobzev in 2003. A variety miniature is one of the most favorite genres of art. It is kindred to our student life too. That is why there is Theatre Studio «Attelana» (name of the Greek satyr) in the Cultural Centre. Students attend speech standards, stage and dramatics acting, singing and dancing classes with interest. In addition, the theater gives an opportunity to plunge into a new, interesting and unusual world of classical music, works of great writers, and to better understand and appreciate their rich world of literary characters.

Theatre is:

  • Award winner of the International Festival of Students’ Theatres “On the Wings of Love” in 2004;
  • Award winner of the District Students’ Theatre Festival in 2004;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2004″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2005″;
  • Award winner of regional festival «To the 60th Anniversary of Victory dedicated…»


e-ksklyuzy-v-NFaUPop song Studio «Exclusive».

It was founded in 1998. Its head was Olena Matsiuk (Sheptukha) – an active participant of many projects and events.

She is:

  • Laureate of the contest “Young stars of Kharkiv”;
  • Laureate of the festival “Vernissage”;
  • Laureate of the contest “Student spring 2010″;
  • Laureate of the festival “Kharkiv – 350″

Studio team participates in all activities of the University and is engaged in creative activities of the city and region. The Studio consists of studio singers, vocal ensembles, which have become laureates and winners of various competitions and festivals. In April 2006, the studio team organized and hosted the Song festival “ENCORE!”.

Since 2006, its head is the graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture Hanna Molodetska. New possibilities to realize their creative potential has opened for many students under the guidance of a professional musician. In 2008, the team of Pop song Studio “Exclusive” was awarded the honorary title “National Amateur team of Trade Unions of Ukraine”;

  • Festival “Pearl of the Region” (“Perlyna Krayu”) – Guslieva Yevgenniia, the 2ndplace;
  • Festival “New Names 2011″ – Dmytro Mynakov, winner in the nomination “Jury applauds”;
  • City competition “Student spring 2011″ – laureates: Guslieva Yevgenniia and Aziz Ghanem (Tunisia);
  • Festival “Art Marathon 2011″ – Second degree Diploma for the entire competition program;
  • Festival “New Names 2012″ – Tetiana Poberezhna, winner in the nomination “Jury applaudes”;
  • Regional competition “Young Professional 2012″ – Riabova Olga worthily represented our University.

non-stop-NFaUBallroom Dance Studio «NON STOP» Ballroom Dance Studio «NON STOP» started to work in October 2004. Its leaders are former NUPh graduates, world-class masters of sports in ballroom dancing, professional dancers Andrii Bondarev and Olga Lysniak.

Studio members perform not only in the University, but also represent our University at the city, regional and All-Ukrainian competitions and concerts. «NON STOP» Studio is a repeated winner of the regional festival of amateur performances “Art-marathon”, “Rhythms of the Planet.”

  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2005″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2006″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2007″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2008″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2010″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2011″;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2012″;
  • Finalist of TV project “Step Forward – 2010″.

The members of Studio «NON STOP» were immediately remembered and loved by audience, because they are bright, lively and energetic!

Students Puppet Theater «ANIMA».

It began its work in September 2006. Its head is the graduate of Kharkiv State University of Arts Galyna Shkiria.

Theatre has become:

  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2007″;
  • Winner of the regional branch festival “Art Marathon”.

Oriental Dance Studio «MIRABELLE».

The Studio was founded in 2006. Its team brought in oriental flavor to the concert programs of the Cultural Centre.

Studio has become:

  • Winner of the regional branch festival “Art Marathon”;
  • Laureate of the city contest “Student spring 2007″.

Folk song ensemble «GERDAN».ansambl-gerdan-NFaU1The ensemble was founded in September 2011. It is directed by the graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture Olena Fesenko.

The purposes and objectives of the ensemble: development of vocal talents, musical notation learning, transmission of the national traditions and concert activity, as well as promotion of Ukrainian folk songs. Ukrainian folk songs and folklore is in its repertoire.

Achievements of the ensemble:

– Winner of the city contest “Student Spring 2012″

– Winner of the festival “Pearl of the land of 2012″.

only-first-NFaUStudio of Contemporary Dance «ONLY FIRST».

The Studio was created in September 2010.

It works with such dance styles as: Broadway, modern, hip-hop, Afro-jazz, jazz-funk, contemporary-dance.

  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2011″;
  • Award winner of the city contest “Student spring 2012″.

 «Image-studio».y-my-dzh-study-ya-NFaU-1 The Studio was created in 2010.

Its head is Kalashnyk Yevgeniia Ivanivna.

The purpose of the team is assistance in the organization of conferences, meetings, presentations, meetings of VIP-guests, delivery of flowers, valuable gifts, diplomas, etc. The program includes fashion shows; dance, makeup bases and stylistics lessons; lessons on the protocol etiquette; participation in fashion and hairdo shows.

Studio «Art Project».

The Studio was created in 2011.

Its head is Moskalenko Oelena Petrivna.

The creative team of students is engaged in making stage settings, stage design for concerts, development and production of props and costumes.

Instrumental Music Studio – VIA (“vocal – instrumental ensemble”), rock band, ensembles.

The Studio was created in 2012.

Head of the Studio is 4th year student of Kharkiv State University of Arts Senchuk Denys.

The creative team is involved in development of musical projects for further performances of the University at the city and regional competitions.

COME! CALL! It will be interesting for you with us.

Kharkiv, 4 Bliukhera str., Cultural Centre of the NUPh.

Tel.: 68-19-67.


National University of Pharmacy has five hostels, located in different districts of the city, which are connected by unified city transport structure (subway,tramway and trolley-bus).

Number of  places for living in the NUPh hostels is 2066 places per person.

The system of hostels is modernized from the eurostandard (hostel №1, Add.: 48,  48 Yuvileinyi (50-richchia VLKSM) ave., number of places for living– 502 places per person) to the hostels with modern conveniences (№2, №3, №4 and №5).

Administration of the University, pedagogical staff and Household Student Council pay special attention to the life of students in the hostels. The program “Community house  – general rules” operates at the University. All 100% of non-resident students are provided with living places in hostels. Hostel is also a school of life and school of partnership, because along with domestic students, there live citizens from 36 foreign countries.

Control system works in the hostels: attendants-employees work 24 hours on each floor of the hostels. Hostels are well-organized and are provided with all the necessary conveniences for the comfortable  living (laundry, Internet classes, non-stop shops).

In the hostel №1 there is a Center of Primary medical-sanitary help (PMSH) of the NUPh – medical establishment which works since 2004. The center of PMSH gives urgent, treatment and diagnostics and preventive help using modern methods for students and employees of the University; here you can have therapeutic examination; consultation and treatment with a physician, gynaecologist, dentist; measure pressure, weight and growth; to do an electrocardiogram, hemanalysis, parenteral injections, prophylactic inoculations, get physical therapy and gynaecological procedures. In their  work doctors use “Standards for Medical Care”, and the newest computer technologies.

Considerable attention in the work of the Center of PMSH is paid to teaching the students to get into the habit of healthy way of living, prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases, counteraction to harmful habits and promotes formation of responsibility for own health.

Location of the academic buildings of the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF PHARMACY connected to the underground stations

Hostel № 1
48 Yuvileinyi (50-richchia VLKSM) ave.  (map)
Tel.: 710-75-35

Hostel № 2
35 V.Zubenko (Timurovtsev) str.
Tel.: 66-51-97

Hostel № 3
11 а, V.Zubenko (Timurovtsev) str. (map)
Tel.: 716-73-08

Hostel № 4
11 b, V.Zubenko (Timurovtsev) str. (map)
Tel.: 716-98-27

Costs of hostel accommodations