Blazheievskyi Mykola Y.

Blazheyevskiy Mykola Yevstahievich, chemist-analyst, Doctor of Chemistry, professor of the physical and colloid chemistry department

61168, Valentyniv’ka str., 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine (0572) 97-98-38,



Born in 23.06.1955 in Borislav city, Lvivs’ka region. In 1974 graduated from the Kaluga Chemical-Technological School with excellence – chemist-technologist. In 1979 graduated from the chemical faculty, in 1989 from the postgraduate school, in 1970-1980 was working as engineer, in 1980 -1985 as a Head of the Analytical Chemistry Department Laboratory at Lviv State (National) University of Ivan Franko. In 1989-1992 was a research fellow at the All-Union SRI of chemistry and technology of medical preparations (Kharkiv). In 1991 defended the candidate thesis on the topic “Reactions of diperoxicarbonic acids with tertiary amines and the application in analysis”, Dnipropetrovs’k. 1992-1994 –  first category engineer of the Physical and Colloid Chemistry department at the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy (Kharkiv), 1994-1995 – assistant, 1995-1997 – teacher, senior teacher, 1997-1998 – senior research fellow, 1997-2000 – part-time assistant professor of the of Chemical Warfare Substances and Protective Equipments Department at the Kharkiv Military University; from 1997-2007- assistant professor; in 2006 defended a doctoral thesis on the topic “Application of peroxidic carbonic acids in chemical analysis”, Dnipropetrovs’k; since 2007 – professor of the Physical and Colloid Chemistry Department at the National University of pharmacy (Kharkiv)

Winner of the competition-97 of the Charity Fund of protection and support of the intellectual property authors named after Kucine in the nomination: “The best Invent and know-how of Ukraine -1997” (awarded with money grant and reward).  Has developed desinfectionand sterilizing medicine “NEBIS”, antiseptic preparation on the basis of perxicarbon acids “PERONIX” and “HEMOTEST-M”, HEMOTEST-C” and DELATEST” (defended by the national patents).

Since 2001 is a permanent scientific consultant of “IMPULSE” Scientific and Production Innovation Firm on the development of disinfection and sterilizing substances, neutralization and utilization of chemical warfare substances.

In 2003 was rewarded by The American Biographical Institute with the diploma in the nomination “The Research Board of Advisors” for achievements in the fields of education and science.

In 2005 was rewarded with the Title of Honor of the NUPh for great contribution in the qualified pharmacy specialists training, active life position.

2005 was acknowledged by the International Biography Center as the IBS leading educators of the world 2005 (Cambridge) and rewarded with diploma.

2008 – Winner of the “Vyscha shkola Kharkivschiny”- the best names (rewarded with diploma).

2016 was awarded an honorary diploma NUPh for a significant personal contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, high professionalism, devotion to the work and on occasion of the celebration of the Pharmaceutical worker.

2016 is the winner in the nomination “The Best Professor of National University of Pharmacy” (awarded the diploma of I degree), Rated among academic teaching staff in 2015-2016 academic year.

Since 2007 is a member of Academic Council of NAS of Ukraine on the “Analytical chemistry” problems, since 2012 of specific academic council of state higher educational establishment “Uzhhorod National University” on the specialty 02.00.02 – analytical chemistry, since 2015 is a member of specific academic council Д. 64.051.14 of a chemical faculty in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University by the specialty 02.00.01 – physical chemistry.

Is included to the Editorial Council of the “Farmakom” journal (Kharkiv, Ukraine), “Methods and objects of chemical analysis” (Kyiv, Ukraine), “Publication NTSh” (Lviv, Ukraine).

He is a Chief Scientist in the research work on the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ХА-32Ф  “Transcarpathian zeolites in analytical chemistry of trace elements, bactericidal and anti-cancer drugs and other biologically active substances” Deadline: 01.02.2016 – 31.12. 2018 y.y.

Scientific school – trained 12 Candidates of Sciences: Antonenko O.V.Synthesis, properties and application of peroxide derivatives of benzoic acids substituents in pharmaceutical analysis” (2002), Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences; Dyadchenko V.V.Enzyme-kinetic determination of organophosphorus compounds using indicatory reactions of oxidation 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine and n-phenetidine”, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (2005); Batalov A.I. Application of diperoxydicarboxylic acids as analytical reagents оn toxic substances and drugs”, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (2005). Bondarenko N.Yu.Analytical systems on the basis of conjugated oxidation reactions of organic reducing agents by hydrogen(acyl)peroxides and their application in the pharmaceutical analysis”, Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (2007); Borovska I.M.Application of kinetic methods in analysis of medical preparations on the content of ferrum and copper salts impurities” Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (2012); Shlyusar O.I., “Reaction of peroxomosulfuric acid with feniriazine derivated and its application in pharmaceutical analysis” (2013), Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences; Anats’ka Ya.Yu.Reactions of tertiary amines with peroxomosulfuric acids and its application in pharmaceutical analysis”, Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (2013); Karpova S.P.Reactions of peroxomonosulfuric acids with penicillines and its application in pharmaceutical analysis”, Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (2013); Labuzova Yu.Yu. : Reactions of potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate and its application in pharmaceutical analysis” Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy) (2014); Koretnik O.I. “Reactions of sulfur containing compounds with potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate and its application in pharmaceutical analysis” Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy) (2015); Krys’kiv L.S. “Perhydrolysis reactions and its aplicationin pharmaceutical analysis” Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy) (2016); Mozgova O.O. “Voltammetric determination of medical preparations on the bases of peroxide compounds using carbosital electrode” Candidate of Pharmacy Sciences (15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy) (2016).

Is a head of SSS of the department for more than 20 years. Has scientific works with students.

Nowadays is a scientific superviser of SSS student of the 4 year of education group 3 “Biotechnology” specialty Prysyagnyuk Olexandr, who performed synthesis and studies antimicrobic activity of dyperoxiazelainic acid and its application as active pharmaceutical substance of ointments and gels for Akne treating (2015-2016).

Together with professor Doroshenko A. is a supervisor of scientific research work for the student of the 4 year of education Chemical faculty of Karazin Kharkiv National University Yevtukhov Vladislav.

Author of over 500 scientific and educational-methodical works (240 scientific articles, some are included into scientific databases)


  1. Blazheyevskiy Mykola. Application of derivatization by means of peroxy acid oxidation and perhydrolysis reactions in pharmaceutical analysis: monograph. – Lviv: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. 2017. – 106 p.
  2. Blazheyevskiy M.Ye. Application of peroxy acids as disinfectants and sterilization agents (monograph) / M.Ye. Blazheyevskiy, D. N. Riabko. – Ed. M.Ye. Blazheyevskiy – Saarbrüchen (Deutshland) : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014. – 129 p.
  3. Блажеєвський М.Є., Черних В.П., Коваленко С.М. Пероксидні похідні карбонових кислот як дезінфекційні та стерилізуючі засоби (монографія). – Х.:НфаУ; ОРИГІНАЛ, 2011. – 104 с.

According to the cooperation program with the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine together with Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Zam’yatin two diagnostic methods and the device for its implementation using laparacentozol were developed and patented by three patents for invention in Ukraine and introduced in the practice of the Ministry of Health. The results are published out in the monograph: P. N. Zamyatin, Boyko V.V., Goloborodko N.K. et al. Surgery of dominant chest and abdomen traumas at polytrauma – Kharkiv: 2006 P. 55-57 (total 182 p).

Original test system to detect hidden blood “Hemotest M ‘(syn.’ Delatest”), which is now used in medicine as a prophylactic prevention of infection and spread of HIV / AIDS alliance in Ukraine (Regulation of the application of the “Delatest”) to quality control before sterilization cleaning of medical devices was developed, patented by two mono patents of Ukraine and introduced the practice of health care institutions Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Ministry of Health of Ukraine Certificate of state registration No. 0129) (presence of industrial production, implementing acts).

Highly autonomous chemiluminescent detector indicating agents of chemical and biological weapons, which can detect aerosols nerve agent, skin-edema, toxic, irritating and psychochemical action “Heptyl” propellant remaining and biological agents in air and water was developed. The results are introduced to the educational process in Kharkiv Institute of Armored Forces National Technical University “KhPI” (published textbooks, acts of implementation).

A new method of disposal of chemical warfare agents, alkaloids and phosphorus pesticides and biological agents in carrying out the necessary measures for decontamination and disinfection of military installations and storage facilities was developed and published.

The procedures of titrimetric determination of codeine base in the drug intermediates Codterpin IC, tablets (MKЯ 309-09-02.2) using potassium caroate as an analytical reagent (act from22.03. 2010) were implemented in the practice of pharmaceutical company OJSC “InterChem”.

Is a lecturer of the physical and colloid chemistry discipline for students of full-time and part-time education on the specialities “Pharmacy” and “TPP”, is a superviser of scientific work of doctoral degree-seeking students on the speciality 15.00.02 – “pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy”, postgraduates, diploma and magister students on the specialisation “quality control of medical preparations” on the speciality “medical substances quality control”, “ food production quality control”, “pharmaceutical chermistry” accordingly..

Scientific areas:

  1. Ascertaitment of kinetic regularities and mechanisms of reactions of liquid-phase oxidation peroxoacidic oxidation of nitrohen-, sulfur and unsaturated compounds.
  2. Chemical-analytical study of reactions of perhydrolysis of functional derivatives of carboxylic acids (esters, amides) and nitriles.
  3. Development of analytical procedures of quantification of drugs and biologically active substances by peroxoacidimetry, indirect voltammetry, kinetic-spectrophotometric and kinetics-spektrofluorymetry methods.
  4. Development of chemiluminescent procedures for determining of drugs and biologically active substances.
  5. Development of analytical procedures of quantitative determination of of peroxide derivatives of carboxylic acids and inorganic peroxides consisting of medical disinfection products.
  6. Development of analytical procedures to quantify the anticholinesterase BAS by enzyme kinetics spectrophotometric method.
  7. Synthesis, physicochemical properties and specific biological activity of (antimicrobial and antiparasitic, detoxifying) peroxide derivatives of carboxylic acids.
  8. Development of disinfecting chemical (antiseptic, disinfectant and sterilizing) facilities-based on peroxide derivatives of carboxylic acids and inorganic peroxides.
  9. Development of disposal chemicals of toxins derived from inorganic peroxide and carboxylic acids.
  10. Construction of optical (chemiluminescent) chemical and biochemical sensors for express detection of toxins.