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Pidpruzhnykov  Yurii V.

Pidpruzhnykov  Yurii V.

Pidpruzhnykov  Yurii V. Address: Valentynivska str., 4, Kharkiv, 61168 Mobile phone +38 050 381 01 42 e-mail: Qualifications: 2011 –  Degree of professor (Pharmaceutical sciences); 1996 – Doctor of Science (Pharmaceuticals); 1993 –Degree of Senior Researcher; 1989 – Ph.D. in Chemical Science (Analytical Chemistry); 1985-1988 – Postgraduate study at Kharkiv State University (Analytical Chemistry); 1985-graduated from … Continue reading Pidpruzhnykov  Yurii V.

Vyshnevska Liliia Ivanivna

Liliia Ivanivna Vyshnevska – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, honoured lecturer of the University, Faculty of Pharmacy, diplomate of the regional competition «High school of Kharkiv region – the best names» in the nomination «Faculty Dean». Аddress: 53, Pushkinska Str., Kharkiv Теl.: 706-22-79 E– Autobiography Prof. Vyshnevska L. I. was born on February 23, 1966 in … Continue reading Vyshnevska Liliia Ivanivna

Zupanets Kateryna Oleksandrivna

Zupanets Kateryna Oleksandrivna – PhD, doctor of Pharmacy, associate professor of the Department Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy of the National University of Pharmacy . Tel: 0679174273, 0669615277 Autobiography: Zupanets Kateryna Oleksandrivna was born on December 14, 1982 in the city Uzhur-4 of Krasnoyarsk region, the Russian Federation in the family of employees. In 2000 … Continue reading Zupanets Kateryna Oleksandrivna

Gontova Tetiana M.

 Address: Kharkov, str. Valentinovskaya 4 Phone: (0572) 65-68-29, (0572) 67-91-74 e-mail: Autobiography Gontova Tetiana – the Doctor of Pharmacy (2012), Professor, Head of the Department of Botany (since 2012). Born on 04/04/1969 in Kharkov city. In 1991 she completed Kharkiv pharmaceutical institute. From 1991 to 1993 she was Senior Assistant at the Department of … Continue reading Gontova Tetiana M.

Kovalyova Alla Mikhailivna

Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor. Department of Pharmacognosy Tel. (0572)-6708982, e-mail:   Biography  Born August 28, 1951. Graduated from the Sherbinivka Secondary school with honors in 1968. Graduated from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (Specialty: Pharmacy, qualification – provisory) with honors in 1973 and worked as a district Pharmacist chemist’s at the Central district Pharmacy. Defended her PhD … Continue reading Kovalyova Alla Mikhailivna

Chernykh Valentin P.

Chernykh Valentin P., Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honorary Rector of National University of Pharmacy, Advisor to the Rector, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry Address: 61168, Kharkiv, st. Valentynivska (Blucher), 4 Phone: +3 (8057) 67-93-72 E-mail: Autobiography: Valentin P. Chernykh … Continue reading Chernykh Valentin P.

Vlasov Sergiy Vitaliyovich

Vlasov Sergiy Vitaliyovich

Vlasov Sergiy Vitaliyovich, associate professor of the organic chemistry department, Doctor of Pharmacy, associate professor Address: 61168, Kharkiv, st. Valentynivska (Blucher), 4 E-mail: Phone: +3 (8057) 67-93-70, +3 (8057) 67-93-73 Curriculum vitae: Was born in 1980 year. Higher education: 2002, National pharmaceutical academy, provizor. 2003, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, chemist, chemistry teacher. 2003, National university … Continue reading Vlasov Sergiy Vitaliyovich

Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich

Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich

Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich — doctor of  physics and mathematical Sciences, professor, head of pharmakoinformatics department of the National University of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacoinformatics  Address: st. Al. Nevsky 18 Tel.:8(052)7718152 E-mail: Autobiography Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich was born on July 29, 1960 in the village of. Rogan Kharkiv region. After the completion of the Roganskaya secondary school … Continue reading Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich