2009 (textbooks, manuals, lectures)

Levitin, Ye. Ya. General and inorganic chemistry : the textbook for students of higher schools / Ye. Ya. Levitin,I. A. Vedernikova. – Kharkiv : Publishing House of NUPh : Golden Pages, 2009. – 360 p. Bondar V. S. Toxicological chemistry : Schemes and tables Read more

2010 (textbooks, manuals, lectures)

Manual to practical classes in first medical aid : textbook / B. B. Samura, I. V. Kireyev, B. A. Samura, V. F. Chernykh, L. M. Chernovaty, M. R. Plotkin. – Kharkiv : NUPh, 2010. – 180 p. Analitical chemistry. Part II. Read more

2011 (textbooks, manuals, lectures)

Svetlichnaya, Ye. I. Latin for Pharmacy Students : textbook for students of higher schools / Ye. I. Svetlichnaya, І. A. Tolok, Ye. A. Volobuyeva. — Kharkiv : NUPh : Golden Pages, 2011. — 248 p. The textbook contains information of pharmaceutical terminology, Read more