Principal conditions of accident insurance

Principal conditions of accident insurance in accordance with the Rules of voluntary accident insurance №210.1/1 The rights and obligations and responsibilities of the parties for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Insurance Contract. 1.1. During the term of the Insurance Contract, Insurance Policyholder / Insured Person is entitled to: 1.1.1. receive insurance benefits in the … Continue reading Principal conditions of accident insurance

Students Scientific Society (SSS)

Address: 53, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv, 61002 Теl.: +38 (057) 706-30-71 Fax: +38 (057) 706-30-71 Е-mail: Head of SSS Zatylnikova Olga Oleksandrivna, Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy, assistant of Department of Botany. Principal of SSS Kulikovska Kristina Yuriivna The Students Scientific Society (SSS) is an important constituent of the University activity. SSS leads to professional training improvement, discovery … Continue reading Students Scientific Society (SSS)

Students’ Parliament

Е-mail: Chief of Students’ Parliament Bondarchuk Iryna, 4-year student, speciality “Clinical Pharmacy” tеl. 063 613 93 77;  050 279 09 80. Secretary of Students’ Parliament Ignatenko Mariya, 3-year student, speciality “Pharmacy” tеl. 093 218 00 64 Hello, Student! Students’ Parliament of the National University of Pharmacy greets you! If you are interested in scientific and social life … Continue reading Students’ Parliament

Cultural Centre

The experience of youth leisure activities shows that the most attractive forms of it is music, dancing, games, talk shows, KVN (“Club of the Funny and Inventive”). It should be taken into account not only the real interests of young people, or anticipate their constant changes, but to respond to these changes, constantly offering new … Continue reading Cultural Centre



National University of Pharmacy has five hostels, located in different districts of the city, which are connected by unified city transport structure (subway,tramway and trolley-bus). Number of  places for living in the NUPh hostels is 2066 places per person. The system of hostels is modernized from the eurostandard (hostel №1, Add.: 48,  48 Yuvileinyi (50-richchia VLKSM) … Continue reading Hostels


Mendeleev’s periodic table (English) Mendeleev’s periodic table (French) Факультет з підготовки іноземних громадян 1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (5,0д) 1 потік 1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (5,0д) 2 потік 1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (5,0д) анг 1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (4,0д)  1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (5,0д) анг 2 семестр 1 курс  зі спеціальності “Фармація”  (5,0д) СНД 2 … Continue reading Schedule