Cultural Centre

The experience of youth leisure activities shows that the most attractive forms of it is music, dancing, games, talk shows, KVN (“Club of the Funny and Inventive”). It should be taken into account not only the real interests of young people, or anticipate their constant changes, but to respond to these changes, constantly offering new forms and types of entertainment. We have it all and we are glad to see a student with any interests at the Cultural Centre! This is a house for students, where you can chat with your friends and make your life interesting. Students write scripts, conduct rehearsals, in short, are involved in the preparation of creative sections for different events here. Different ideas of costume design, stage design, artistic and musical content of the event are born during this creative process.

It often happens that the participants do not become interested even in the result –stage performance, success with the audience, but just in the process of preparation: generation of ideas, experiment, feeling of involvement with public life of the National University of Pharmacy and its students.

Any display of talent from acting and vocal skills to drawing, making fake props and costumes from the material at hand is in demand at the Cultural Centre. Experience shows that youth has boundless imagination where there is a creative atmosphere. There is a new creative idea, experiment here every day, where by trial and error small performances, scenes, miniatures are created, where interesting people find things in common, ways of self expression, understanding and common interests.

Our creative teams: