Dear colleagues and friends, I congratulate you on the Pharmaceutical Worker Day!

V.P.ChernykhOur holiday is 14 years old. Today we can be proud that devoted and noble work of the pharmacist is awarded with such a high recognition from the government and the public. For the fourteenth time already we celebrate our professional holiday, established by the order of the President of Ukraine in 1999. On the scale of history this tradition is very young, but extremely precious for the pharmaceutical community, because our generation is destined to become the participants of the creation of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in independent Ukraine.

It is a great honor for me to greet during these holidays our staff of the National University of Pharmacy – unique, friendly and highly professional. Thanks to the hard daily work of real experts in their field the university and national pharmacy are dynamically developing, actively engaging in the production of modern scientific achievements, and introducing European standards of quality. The President and the Ministry of Health pay extreme attention to the development of medical and pharmaceutical fields. Ukraine can be rightly called a pharmaceutical state and is able to provide the population with all necessary medicines to ensure a high level of health and quality of life.

We are needed by people. For thousands of years the profession of pharmacist remains one of the most prestigious and respected. After all, either we like it or not, but without medicines, as without bread, it is not possible to live. The eternal desire to improve the life and health of people is realized only in solidarity and mutual understanding of this eternal triangle: doctor – pharmacist – patient. I do not intend to diminish the importance of a doctor – is without a doubt an expert with a God-given talent, but without medicines a doctor is as a warrior without weapons. And to make sense of the loads of medications and provide top quality care for both physician and patient, can only pharmacist. So we are proud of our profession and our call to train specialists for all segments of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is pleasant to welcome all my colleagues and friends, alumni and students of the NUPh on the occasion. I sincerely wish all colleagues who link their lives with the pharmacy, Your relatives and friends have harmony and happiness, good health, well-being. Let this year be for all of us a period of professional accomplishments and creative growth, prosperity and financial stability. Let the celebration fill our hearts with pride for our pharmacy, and may the dream of a brighter future of our native Ukraine come true.

 Rector                                                                                    V.P. Chernykh