Department for studies

Address: 53, Pushkinskaya str., 61002, Kharkov
Tel.|Fax: +38 (057) 706-33-80


Departmnet for studies– university structural unit, which is subordinated to the rector directly, on educational-methodical work questions is subordinated to the first vice-rector. University departments, dean”s offices, practice department are subordinated to studies department in organization-methodical relation.

The main goals:

  • Providing of educational process. Coordination of the faculties, departments and other university units activity.
  • Educational process planning. Introduction of the new methods of education, technical devices, computing techniques into educational process.
  • Composing of schedule of lectures, examinations, settlement of academic debts, licence examinations and State attestation, their fulfilment control.
  • Development of educational process schedules by faculties, specialities and university in general.
  • Control the conditions of educational, educational-methodical, report documentation, which is connected with organization of educational process in departments.
  • Control the proper record keeping at the Dean”s offices.
  • Administration of automized system “Students batch”: data base forming, introduction of studies department modulus, forming information for deans and its renewal, forming the package of documents for the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.
  • Compilation of reports about the batch movement and efficient register of changes in students structure of the faculties and the University in general.
  • Compilation of the list of staff, assingment, register and control of fulfilment of the professorial-teaching staff and educational-auxiliary personnel educational load.
  • Planning and organization the educational process at NUPh consultative centres in regions of Ukraine.
  • Preparation the forms, register forms and studies department reports for edition.
  • Control of educational, educational-methodical and report documentation condition, which is connected with organization of educational process at the departments.

Department for studies of the National University of Pharmacy is carrying out:

  • Publication of the studies department annual guide “Organization of educational process for the academic year”.
  • Consultations in questions of planning, organization and refinement of the educational process.
  • Consultations in programme providing the planning and organization of educational process: “Estimate of teaching load”, “Scientific-teaching staff”, “Schedule”.
  • Consultations in questions of educational process administration system modernization and introduction into organization and planning of educational process, new methods of education.
  • Consultation about equipment of educational laboratories, auditoriums.
  • Consultations in collection, processing and forming of statistical report for educational process organization questions.
  • Consultations in analysis, unification of working educational plans and introduction of unificated educational documentation forms.