Department technology of perfume and cosmetics

Address: 61168, Kharkov, 4 Blukhera st.
Phone:/fax:  (0572) 67-87-75


Head:   Bashura Alexander Gennadievich, D.Sc. in Pharmacy, professor.


  • Apparatus cosmetology
  • Aromology
  • Dermatology
  • Clinical cosmetology
  • Cosmetic surgery fundamentals
  • Practical cosmetology fundamentals
  • Equipment of the perfumery-cosmetic manufactures
  • Perfumery-cosmetics industrial technology
  • Production and application of cosmetics (specialization)
  • Aids of cosmetic treatment
  • Extemporal cosmetics technology
  • Perfumery and cosmetics technology

It is the principle department in preparation of students in speciality “Perfumery and cosmetics technology”

Fields of scientific interests:
Development of perfumery-cosmetic and drugs contents and technologies on the basis of natural origin products