Dmytriievskyi Dmytro I.

Dmitriyevsky Dmitry Ivanovich, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1985), Professor (1987), Professor of the Industrial Technology of Drugs (since 2009)

Address: 61168, Kharkiv, Valentynivska, 4

Tel .: (0572) 67-88-52




Born January 5, 1943 in the village Male Kostopil district of Rivne region. After graduating from high school (1958) studied at the Yalta Medical School (1959-1962), he served in the Soviet Army (1962-1965). In 1970 he graduated from the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute.

He worked as an assistant (1970-1980), associate professor (1980-1985) at the Department of Drug Technology, the Head of the Department of Pharmacy and Economics (1985-2004), the Head of the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs of National Pharmaceutical University (2004-2009), since 2009 is a professor of the department. He worked as deputy dean (1977-1989) and dean for foreign students (1980-1982), Chairman of the problem commission of pharmacy research (1988-2007), secretary of the specialized scientific councils KhPhI and pharmacy (1987-1997, 2007-2013) and a member Working group MV and SSO USSR (1986-1991) and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (1992-2012) on the organization of student competitions, specialty “Pharmacy”.

Doctoral thesis: “Establishment of drugs combined with desired pharmacotherapeutic properties of water soluble polymers” defended in 1985.

Scientific direction – the creation of new drugs with adjustable properties based on the rational use of medicines and excipients.

Co-author of 16 new drugs, 7 of which (Levomekol, Levosin, Dioksykol 30% solution of PEO-400, indapamide retard, Meradazol, Herpeval 500) are implemented in industrial production and medical practices. Co-author of methods for prevention and treatment of radiation burns of soft tissues, which are included in the EU list of priority measures in emergencies (Oxford-Kyiv, 1995) and research methodology of osmotic activity of drugs (1975). Scientific research were awarded by prizes of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense of the USSR (1986, 1988), medals and diplomas ENEA USSR and the USSR (1986, 1987, 1988). In 1986 he was nominated for the USSR State Prize for Science and Technology.

Social activities

  • Member of the Specialized Academic Council D 35.600.02 of the Lviv National Medical University named after Danila Galitsky
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Vistnik Farmaciyi”
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the journal scientific “Farmatsevtychnyy chasopys”

Scientific school

PhD thesis:

  • Densmaagiin Dungeordorzh “The creation of drugs based on the phytochemical study of some species of the most common plants used in traditional medicine of Mongolia”
  • Vedernikov I.A. “Synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of nanoparticles to create magnetic ferrites pharmaceutical”
  • Nemyatyh O.D. “The use of herbal substances in technology of immunomodulatory action drugs for use in pediatric patients”
  • Bobrytska L.A. “Scientific and practical substantiation of technology of solid dosage forms with antimicrobial and antiviral action”

Protected theses:

  • Moschits V.F. “Development composiotion and technology of combined ointment with extracts of oak bark and seeds of horse chestnut to treat proctological diseases.”
  • Alhuseyn V.V. “Development composiotion and technology and ointments from Populus Tremula bark extract to treat infections of skin and soft tissue.”
  • Basakina I.I. ” Development composiotion and technology of comprehensive action effervescent tablets for the treatment of respiratory diseases”
  • Tkach T.A. ” Development composiotion and technology of indapamide tablets of extended release for the treatment of hypertension.”
  • Herbina N.A. Development composiotion and technology of suppositories with diacamph suxyfenate to treat proctological diseases
  • Yurchenko G.M. “Scientific approaches to medical care in emergency situations”
  • Perederiy E.O. ” Development composiotion and technology of vaginal suppositories with spermicidal action containing vegetable complex “Hlyukoribin””.
  • Kotvytskaya A.A. “Development of composition and technology of emulsion of analben for treatment inflammatory diseases of joints”
  • Kalaycheva S.G.”Development of composition and technology soft dosage forms for treatment children allergic dermatosis”
  • Dyhtyareva N.M. “Studies in the drugs Provision Improvement patients in terms of forced alcoholism treatment”
  • Borodenko I.V. Creating of combined medicine with yodovydonom for local treatment of wounds. “

Performed doctoral dissertations

  • Spiridonov S.V. “Development of technology and biopharmaceutical research of medicines based on natural and synthetic materials”
  • Demyanenko D.V. “Scientific and practical substantiation of new technologies of phytochemicals drugs and their standardization.”

Performed theses:

  • Kutsanyan A.S. ” Development of composition and technology of suppositories with vegetable complex hlifazyn with hypoglycemic activity” in the specialty 15.00.01 – Drug technology, organization of pharmacy and pharmacy court.

Courses are taught:

  • Industrial Technology of medicines.
  • The modern pharmaceutical technology.
  • The current state of scientific knowledge of the specialty “Pharmacy”