Due to the even called “The Week of the English Language” on May 15 at the Foreign Languages Department we had an opportunity to meet David Bedford (the native speaker from the UK)

David conducted an English lesson for post-graduate students at the Foreign Languages Department with the topic «National stereotypes» (e.g. «The British are always polite; The British hate the French; It always rains in Great Britain; All British adore the Queen of England; The British are keen on football»), during which he was speaking about national stereotypes that have emerged about his country. There were post-graduate students of various departments, the Head of Foreign Languages Department Budanova L.G. and teacher Kolyada I.V. The lesson was very intersting and everyone took part in a lively conversation and stated that it was a great opportunity to talk with a real Englishman.

The exam for the English courses for teachers of the National University of Pharmacy (the groups of A2, B1 and B2 levels) on May 17, 2017. The exam consists of three parts: a written part, which consists of grammar and listening parts and also speaking one. English native speaker Kelvin conducted the speaking part. All participants have received high results.