Electrical engineering and electronics laboratory

Laboratory was organized at the department of physics

Nikolai B. Tjukin, Candidate of Pharmacy

Address: 18 Nevskogo str, Kharkiv, 61140

Tel.: +38 (057) 779-81-59

Educative functions:

  • Realization the laboratory tasks in “Electrical engineering and electronics”;
  • Carrying out the frontal and individual laboratory classes;
  • Students’ practical skills development in the field of electric circuits assembling;
  • Electric devices usage.

Research activity:

  • Carrying out the thermogravity measurements of the ready-made drugs directed for the quality improvement and analytical methods improvement, and also drugs which are on the stage of development in the departments of the National University of Pharmacy.
  • Thermogravity measurements are carrying out with the help of «Derivatograph Q 1500 D».
  • Thermogravity measurements are carrying out with the aim of finding out the dependance of losing the researched substance weight with the rise in temperature. With the quantity of weight losing we can talk about the processes which are in the substance, determine molecular quantity of the molecule free part. With the curve of DTA we can define phase change temperatures, etc.
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