Exhibits of the museum of History of the National University of Pharmacy

Autobiography of M.О. Valyashko

The album “60 – Fyodor Andreyevich Konev in honor of the anniversary. March 1984, the staff of the ILS”

The album of the Department of capital construction of HFI to the anniversary of the Institute: 1921-1991

Pharmacy utensils

The brochure “Why we fight against quackery and how to treat domestic animals according to the rules”.

Pharmaceutical scales of M.O. Valyashko


The Diploma of M.O. Valyashko

The digest of articles “Proceedings of the Kharkov state pharmaceutical Institute, vol. II: preparation and study of some drugs”

“The sorcerer”

Electrified map “Kharkiv pharmaceutical”

The Hippocratic Oath

The book “Chemical study of the berries of the barbed buckthorn (Rhamnus Cathartica), thesis for the degree of master of pharmacy”

The book “We remember your feat. Essays on the life and work of the staff of the National University of pharmacy – veterans of the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”

The layout of the building of the first pharmacy in Kharkov

The layout of the chemical technological building and territory of the National University of pharmacy

The medals of Philip I. Chernuy (1913-1975), veteran of the Second World War, military pharmacist – graduate Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1937


Model of the rotary tablet machine

The textbooks of the 1930-s

The textbooks in pharmacy 1920-s

The German Kukhler’s Pharmacopoeia «Medical plants»

The textbook of natural history Joseph Rostafinskich

Gifts of foreign delegations – participants of the III Congress of pharmacists of Ukraine, 1979

Gifts of Ukrainian delegations – participants of the III Congress of pharmacists of Ukraine, 1979

Guide “Workshop on pharmaceutical technology of drugs. A manual for students of pharmaceutical institutes and faculties”

Certificate of accreditation of the Kharkiv pharmaceutical Institute

The certificate on Signatory of the “Magna Charta Universitatum” by National University of Pharmacy

The symbolic globe “Pharmacy”

The siphons

The statue of the goddess Panacea

The scheme “HFI. Explication of buildings and structures. 1980-1981”

The corner of V. P. Chernykh – rector of the National University of pharmacy