February 24, 2014, the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

Blitz messages of Rector’s Council members according to activity directions:

  • State of introduction of electronic tests for part-time students (Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna, Kalaicheva Svitlana Georgiivna).
  • State of preparations for the introduction of credit-modular system for part-time form of education (Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna, Kalaicheva Svitlana Georgiivna).
  •  Results of the pilot test KROK for specialty “Laboratory Diagnosis”. Information on the organization of preparation of students to “KROK 1,2 Clinical Pharmacy”, “KROK 1,2 Technology of perfume and cosmetics” (Naboka Olga Ivanivna).
  • State of registration of the NUPh membership in international associations. Travel schedule. (Georgiiants Victoriia Akopivna).
  • State of purchase of watches for corridors and halls of the Departments (Kantsedal Leonid Mykhailovych, Kovalenko Liubov Mykolaivna).
  • Information on the logotypes of the Departments (Ivanova Karyna Andriivna).

Reports at each Rector’s Council meeting:

  • Analysis of movement of students at the Faculties: elimination of academic debts of students of all courses, payment for missed classes. (Deans of the Faculties, Vinnik Larysa Mykhailivna, Prokopenko Tina Suleimanivna, Durasova Nadiia Fedorivna).
  • Report on the material and technical facilities of the University premises (chief engineer Matushkin Dmytro Valeriiovych, electrical supervisor Yesikov Vasyl Vasylovych, chief mechanic Martsynkevych Sergiy Oleksandrovych).
  • State of fire safety in technical buildings, attics and basements (Kuznetsov Volodymyr Stepanovich).