Filiptsova Olha V.

Filiptsova Olga Vladimirovna, Doctor of Biological Sciences (2010), Professor (2015), Head of the Department of Biology

Address: Kharkov city, Kulikovskaya street, 12

Tel.: (057) 7062342



Filiptsova Olga Vladimirovna was born on January 2, 1973 in the city of Kharkov. She was graduated with honors from Kharkov State University (1996) and Kharkov Aviation Institute named after M.E. Zhukovsky (1996). She worked as: engineer of the joint-stock company “Hartron” (1996-1997); laboratory assistant (1997), senior laboratory assistant of the Department of Analytical Chemistry (1998-2001), Assistant of the Department of Physiology (2002-2004); an Assistant Professor (2004-2006), Associate Professor (2006-2007), Senior Researcher (2007-2008), Associate Professor of the Department of Biology, Physiology and Anatomy (2008-2013); Associate Professor (2013-2014), Professor (2014-2015), Head of the Department of Biology of the NUPh (since 2015).

Personal achievements

  • Grant holder and co-sponsor: Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2017-2019), Grant of the State Fund for Fundamental Research (2013-2014), Grant of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2008), Grant of the President of Ukraine for Gifted Youth (2007), Soros Foundation Grant (1996-1998).
  • Winner of diplomas: Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2018, 2016 2013), NFUU (2009), Kharkov mayor (2007).
  • Laureate of prizes: the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “For special achievements of youth in the development of Ukraine” in the nomination “Scientific activity” (2008).
  • Scholarship: International Charitable Foundation “A. Feldman Foundation” (2007-2008).
  • Winner of the competitions: the regional contest “The Best Young Scientist of Kharkov Region” (2007, 2008), the city competition “Young Man of the Year” (2007) in the nomination “Scientific Activities”, laureate of the city contest “Woman of the Year” (2007) in the nomination “Science and Education “, city competition “Intellect of Kharkov” in the nomination “Genetics”(2007).

Member of the editorial board of 5 international scientific journals:

  • “The Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics” (Egypt, Scopus);
  • “Mathews Journal of Pharmaceutical Science” (USA);
  • “Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology” (USA);
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Open Access (USA)
  • “International Journal of Research in Medicine and Health Sciences” (India).

Scientific School

Filiptsova Olga Vladimirovna supervises the preparation of one doctor of philosophy (Timoshina I.A.) and one doctor of science (Kobets M.N.).

Scientific activity

Author and co-author of more than 350 scientific works, including 13 scientific and methodical developments, 1 textbook, 13 teaching aids, 4 monographs. Hirsch index = 7.

She teaches disciplines (in different years)

  1. Biology with the basics of genetics (in particular, English).
  2. Modern problems of molecular biology (in particular, English).
  3. Human physiology and anatomy (in particular, English).
  4. Cellular biology (in particular, English).
  5. Histology, cytology and embryology.
  6. Biology of the cell.
  7. Pathological histology.
  8. General and molecular genetics.
  9. Cytogenetics and molecular genetics.

Social activity

Member of the Academic Council of the NUPh, a member of the Council of Faculties of the NUPh, a member of the Expert Council of the NUPh in matters of distance learning, a tutor of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology Faculty.

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