Filyanina Nelya N.

Nelya Filyanina, Head of the Humanities Department, Ph.D., candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Address of the department: 18 ,Alexander Nevsky street


Тel.: (057) 771-81-61



Filyanina Nelya was born 14.08.1973 in Erki, Cherkasy region, Katerynopil area. Education:

1) Kharkiv State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Philology), 1995;

2)Institute for Postgraduate Education of the Kharkiv State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Pedagogy and of secondary education methodology, specialty – «Ukrainian Language and Literature»), 2000.

3)Higher School of Philosophy. G.S. Scovoroda Institut of Philisophy. National academy of Ukraine, Kyiv – 2012.

Scientific degrees:

Candidate of Philology, specialty – “Russian Literature”, awarded on the 30th of June.

On the 14th of April, 2011, she received a scientific degree of Associate professor, Humanities Department.

On the 29th of September 2016, she was awarded with the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy, on the specialty «Philosophy of Science».


  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine Certificate of Honor for Significant achievements in professional activity and work (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 27.07.2016).
  • Certificate of honor of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Places of work:

  • 1995 -1998  a teacher of the Russian language and literature at the secondary school № 88 named by Zubareva, Kharkiv;
  • 1998 -2000 – a teacher of Cultural Studies, Foreign Literature, Business Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Language and Literature in Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Сollege, Kharkiv;
  • 2002 – 2003 – Deputy Director on Educational Work in in Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Сollege, Kharkiv;
  • 2000 -2005 – senior lecturer of Cultural Studies, Foreign Literature, Business Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Language and Literature in Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Сollege, Kharkiv;
  • З 2001р. по 2004 р. виконувала обов’язки голови профспілки Коледжу Національного фармацевтичного університету, м. Харків;
  • 2001  – 2004  served as the chairman of the trade union in National  University of Pharmacy  College, Kharkiv;
  • 2005 – senior lecturer of the Humanities Department of  Preparatory     faculty of  National University of Pharmacy for foreign citizens; Kharkiv;
  • 2007 – Associate Professor of the Humanities Department, the    National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv;
  • 2008 – Head of the Humanities Department, National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv;

Social activity:

  • Member of the Specialized Scientific Council for the doctoral thesis defence of  Doctor of Philosophy degree on the specialties 09.00.11-Religious studies (philosophical sciences), 09.00.09 – Philosophy of Science at the Philosophical and Theological Faculty, Yuri Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University.
  • Participant of the meetings of the IFNMU of the Department of Linguistics in connection with the recognition of CMC, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the department is the basis profile in  “Ukrainian (Russian) as a Foreign Language”, which develops the standards of humanitarian education, forms and methods for the development of education quality control, content  of humanitarian education, discusses the content of typical educational programs;
  • Member of the editorial board of a professional scientific works collection “Scientific Herald of Chernivtsi University. Philosophy ” (Chief Editor M.Marchuk);
  • Member of the methodical profile commission on the humanitarian cycle of NUPH;
  • Member of the Ukrainian Association of Russian Language and Literature teachers in Kharkiv,
  • Member of the Academic Council of NUPH;

Scientific school:  The scientific supervisor of the candidate’s dissertation of the HIBS UBS Mykhailiuk N.V. for receiving a candidate of philological sciences degree, specialty 10.01.01 – Russian literature.

Textbooks, training guides:

  1. Practical course on Russian for 2d year foreign students (natural sciences) / N.N. Filyanina, T.V. Gavryushenko, T.E. Sukhanova – Kharkov. NUPh, 2011. – 240 p.
  2. Phonetic course on the scientific style of speech (for foreign students of preparatory departments, engineering ) / N.N.Filyanina, T.A. Mehedkina. – Kharkiv: NUPh, 2010. – 74 p.
  3. Introduction the subject and subject language. Mathematics: The manual for foreign students  / N.N. Fylyanyna, N.I. Nykonenko.- Kharkov: NUPh, 2009. – 62 p.
  4. Work book on Mathematics. Introduction to the subject and subject language. The manual for foreign students / N.N. Fylyanyna, N.I. Nykonenko. A.M. Gorbenko – Kharkov: NUPh, 2009. – 82 p.
  5. The Russian language: Textbook for foreign medical and pharmaceutical students (3d-4th year of studying)/ N.N. Filyanina, V.V. Tsyganenko etc. – Kharkov. NUPh, 2011. – 424 p.
  6. Filyanina N.M. Unrealistic trends of European literature of late nineteenth early twentieth century: Textbook / N.M.Filyanina. – Kharkiv: NUPh, 2004- 104 pp.
  7. Filyanina N.N. Odyssey of the last romantic: [monograph] / N.N. Filyanina. – Kh: The New Word, 2005. – 156p.
  8. Fіlyanіna NM Ecologycally educational potentіal of humanities: [monograph] / N.M. Fіlyanі – Kh.: NUPh, 2015. – 292p.
  9. История мировой и украинской культуры. Кредитно-модульный курс / Иванова К.А., Хирина А.А., Лантух А.П. та ін. – Харків: НФаУ: Золоті сторінки, 2015. – 520 с.
  10. The history of the formation and development of the Department of Humanities of the National University of Pharmacy: monograph / N.N. Filyanina, T. Gavryushenko, L.A. Subota, etc. – Kharkiv:. NUPh publishing, 2015. – 144p.
  11. The Russian language: a tutorial for first year foreign students / T.V. Krysenko, N.N. Filyanina etc. – Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki, 2016. – 226p.
  12. T.V. Krysenko, N.N. Filyanina, O.O. Dolgaya, the others. The Russian language: [a tutorial ]- Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki, 2016. – 240 p.
  13. Clinical trials. Terms and definitions; translation and edition by N.M.Filyanina. – Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki , 2016. – 340 p.
  14. A Study aid for advanced level medical and pharmacy foreign students: a tutorial for students / T.V. Krysenko, N.N. Filyanina, O.O. Dolgaya, the others. – 2-nd edit., rewritten and completed – – Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki , 2017. – 320 p.

Methodical recommendations:

  1. Methodical recommendations and tests for distance learning students of HEE for Associate degree specialists on “Ukrainian language in proficiency”/ N. Filyanina, – Kharkiv: NUPH, 2003. – 50 p.
  2. Ukrainian language in proficiency. Methodical recommendations for distance learning students of HEE for Associate degree specialists”/ N.N. Filyanina,  – Kharkiv: NUPH, – 42 p.
  3. Сultural S Methodical recommendations for distance learning students of HEE for Associate degree specialists”/ N.N. Filyanina, – Kharkiv: NUPH, 2007. – 18 p.
  4. Methodical recommendations on Russian Language for practical classes and self study work of the 4th year medical and pharmacy foreign students/ N.N.Filyanina,  – Kharkiv: NUPH, 2007. – 28 p.

Association in proficiency: A member of The Ukrainian Association of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers.

Discipline tought: Сultural Studies , Ukrainian language, Foreign Literature, Business Ukrainian Language, Russian Language,  Russian Language in proficiency.