History of the NUPh participation in Erasmus + Programme

In 2015, PhD student of the NUPh Oleksii Shemchuk received a study grant under the ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme (category A. Scholarship for Masters in the field of chemical innovations 2013-2015).

The same year, lecturer of the Department of Latin Language and Ukrainian Studies of NUPh Tetiana Volokh (Kalchenko) participated in Winter School „Circulation and Collaboration: Perspectives for / in Interdisciplinarity” (Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA),  the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT), Tartu, Estonia).

In 2015-2016, PhD student of the NUPh Tsulun Olena took part in the European Voluntary Service project of the grant program ERASMUS + (in Padova, Italy).

In 2016-2017, the NUPh joined ERASMUS+ Academic Mobility Program KA1 in cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas) and the Medical University of Varna (Bulgaria), which enabled academic mobility for faculty members for lecturing purposes and mobility for PhD students in order to undergo scientific internship in the framework of their dissertations.

Information on the previous experience is available at the following links: http://modern-pharmacy.com.ua/nfau-bere-uchast-u-programi-akademichnih-obminiv-erasmus; http://nuph.edu.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/gazeta_7_157.indd-1.pdf