Rector, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Academician

of the National Academy of Sciences,

Professor Valentyn Chernykh 


National University of Pharmacy_2National University of Pharmacy is a large centre of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and one of the oldest prestigious universities of Europe.

We offer you to be a student of our University!

National University of Pharmacy was founded in 1805.

National University of Pharmacy has a great experience in training of skilled specialists for Europe, Asia and Africa.  As international centre of pharmaceutical education, NUPh trains foreign students since 1962.


Today the National University of Pharmacy is a centre of international pharmaceutical education, which has taught over 5000 Masters of Pharmacy for 88 countries of the world.

The amount of foreign students is above 1600.

a student of the faculty of foreign citizens’ educationEvery year we congratulate more than 500 students from different countries with the entry to the international students’ family of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens’ Education.

National University of Pharmacy has the fourth (highest) level of accreditation.

National University of Pharmacy is famous worldwide for the high level of teaching and high quality of professional training of pharmacy specialists. Over the years of its activity, the University has trained over 47 000 specialists in pharmacy. Our graduates occupy senior positions in governments of their countries, they are heads of large pharmaceutical enterprises and companies, open and run private pharmacies.

Diploma of the National University of Pharmacy guarantees a great career in pharmaceutical field, one of the most profitable and stable economical sector in any country of the world.

Z-8-po-18-kvitnya-2013-roku-u-Natsional-nomu-farmatsevty-chnomu-universy-teti-prohody-t-vidkry-ty-j-turnir-z-mini-futbolu-sered-studentiv-KUBOK-REKTORA-NFaU-2At the University, study process is provided by 650 lecturers, including 10 academicians, 11 Honored Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, 120 Doctors of Sciences, Professors.

94% of the lecturers have the scientific degrees of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences (PhD). 17 500 students study at the University at present.

Foreign students are trained in the following specialties on the basis of complete secondary education: PHARMACY, CLINICAL PHARMACY, TECHNOLOGY OF DRUGS, TECHNOLOGY OF PERFUMERY AND COSMETICS, LABORATORY DIAGNOSTICS, ECONOMICS OF ENTERPRISE and others.

On graduation they receive a diploma of Master of Science.

Foreign citizens can study in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The duration of study in Russian is 6 years (1 year at the Pre-University Department  where they study Russian). Term of training in English is 5 years.

University is hosted in 6 buildings: Administration building, Medical and biological building, Chemical and technological buildings, Main building of the NUPh College, Clinical building, Institute of Pharmacy professionals qualification improvement of the NUPh. Structure of University comprises 5 hostels, medical centre, botanical garden, health centre and cultural centre. Lecture halls, laboratories and classrooms are equipped in accordance with the European standards.

Medical care in the student’s hospital and specializes medical centre, hosted in one of the hostels, is available for all students. Highly qualified medical professional provide the due care. The centre is equipped with up-to-date instrumentation for diagnostics and prophylaxis of different diseases. Health services in this centre are free of charge.

Students have the opportunity to live in the University hostels of two levels of comfort: ordinary student hostel and top-comfort hostel. The average living fee is 18-19 $ per month. The hostels have reading rooms, library, internet connection, Internet-cafes, international telephone connection, laundry. There are cafes in every University building, where a meal under 2 $ is available. One-way ticket for underground is 14 cents, for overland means of public transport – up to 26 cents.

Specialties and tuition fees for foreign citizens  

How to receive «Invitation for Study»

How to apply for Ukrainian visa   

Admissions Committee 

Tel./fax: +38-057-706-20-79

E-mail: interdep@nuph.edu.ua


28-03-2013-shlyah-do-nauky-_pershi-kroky-_27Pre-higher education – 10 months, graduates have opportunity to continue their education in all higher education institutions of Ukraine.

It takes 2 months only to learn Russian good enough to communicate in the Dean’s Office, in the hostel, in the means of transport and cafes! And it takes you a year to acquire knowledge in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in Russian. And as a result, you are ready to study in pharmaceutical, medical and engineering higher educational institutions.

Pre-University Department for foreign citizens is located within a campus proving all the conditions for living and studying.

We respect the national traditions. Students can celebrate their national and religious holidays.