Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok”

Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok” (Step)

The licensed test-based exams are the mandatory integrative part of the state attestation for awarding qualification ‘Pharmacist’. Students taught in Pharmacy are obliged to pass two separate test-based exams – «KROK 1» and «КROK 2».
The first exam «Кrok 1. Pharmacy» includes questions of the natural-scientific disciplines, the second one – «Кrok 2. Pharmacy» – questions of the key professionally-oriented disciplines. The licensed test-based exams are held at all educational institutions of Ukraine, which have a license for training in Pharmacy specialty, for one day in one-shift, written (blanks) test-based form. The aim of the licensed test-based exams is to establish the level of professional knowledge and skills of the NUPh students with the minimum level of knowledge required by the state qualification requirements.