January 20, 2014, the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

Blitz messages of Rector’s Council members according to activity directions:

 Preliminary analysis of the number of excellent final-year students (Deans of the Faculties)

  • Analysis of vocational work of the heads of Departments in January 2014 (accomplished and planned trips to the medical and pharmaceutical colleges). (Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna, Zhivora Nataliia Vasylivna)
  • Results of work of the Departments, and administrative and economic division on creation of recreation areas in the corridors of Departments (Ivanova Karyna Andriivna, Kantsedal Leonid Mikhailovych)
  • Information on decoration of the College corridors (Prokopenko Tina Suleimanivna)
  • Capital improvement of surrounding area of the College (Prokopenko Tina Suleimanivna)  
  • Measures for the prevention of smoking and misconduct in hostels and academic buildings, organization of lectures to promote healthy lifestyle (Ivanova Karyna Andriivna, Deans of the Faculties)
  • Preparation of the Departments to KROK-2 (Deans of the Faculties)

Report at each Rector’s Council meeting:

  • Report on the material and technical facilities of the University premises (chief engineer Matushkin D.V., electrical supervisor Yesikov V.V., chief mechanic Martsynkevych S.O.)
  • State of fire safety in technical buildings, attics and basements (Kuznetsov V.S.)