January 27, 2014, the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

Blitz messages of the administration members according to activity directions:

  • Purchase of national textbooks, updating of the library collection with educational-methodical literature issued not later than 5 years ago, including on electronic media (Gavrish N.B., Ogar S.V., Kovalenko L.M.).
  • Fulfilment of license conditions on provision of computer equipment (Vlasov V.S.)
  • State of development of distance learning technologies (Pankratova Ya.I.)
  • Creation of websites of the Departments (Tkachenko O.V., Pankratova Ya.I.)
  • State job placement of the graduates – 2014 based on an integrated rating index of job placement of the graduates (Deans)
  • Reexamination. Analysis of work at the Departments (including administering Departments) to use an hourly-based fund to attract lecturers- practitioners. (Vinnik L.M.)
  • Work of medical station (Arkusha A.O.)

Report at each Rector’s Council meeting:

  • Report on the material and technical facilities of the University premises (   chief engineer Matushkin D.V., electrical supervisor Yesikov V.V., chief mechanic Martsynkevych S.O.)
  • State of fire safety in technical buildings, attics and basements (Kuznetsov V.S.)