January 30, 2012, NUPh Rector’s Council Sitting

1. Plan of vocational guidance activities among high schools’, medical and pharmaceutical colleges’ graduates and NUPh alumni.

Speaker:  assoc.prof. Pogorelov S.V.

2. Provision of international students with training literature in English.

SpeakersGavrysh N.B., assoc.prof . Kotenko OM., assoc.prof. Ogar S.V.

3. Completion of repair work in the archive (4 Blukhera str., lecture hall complex #2). Preparatory work for student canteen construction in the hostel #3.

Speakers: Smolyanik V.T., Shishkins O.S., Kovalenko L.M.

4. Organization of University labour camps activity.

SpeakerDeviatkina A.O.

5. Adherence to the labour safety regulations at the University (winter period)

SpeakerKuznetsov V.S.