Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1970 – 1980s

ВAccording to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR of November 2, 1972 “On Improvement of Educational and Methodological Work at Higher Medical Educational Institutions”, five cycle methodological commissions were established at the Institute: pharmaceutical, physical and chemical, medical and biological, on social disciplines, from Russian and foreign languages.

In 1973 KIFh switched over to a new curriculum that anticipated holding a specialization in the 10 semester for 15 weeks: a pharmacist-organizer, a pharmacist-analyst and a pharmacist-technologist.

The department of foreign students’ training has started to work in the structure of the KIFh since 1974.

The number of scientific papers prepared for one year has become enormous since the foundation of the KHF. In 1976 the Academic Council of KIFh was granted the right to take doctoral thesis for presentation. The III (1979) Congress of pharmacists of Ukraine is in its walls.

 The proof of the high level of scientific research of the KIFh is the fact that in 1977 the Republican Problem Commission, which has previously functioned in Kyiv at the Institute for the Improvement of Physicians, began to work at the Institute in 1977.

The educational and scientific potential of the higher educational establishment are actively developed, the material base is strengthened. In 1981 the Institute was the first in the USSR to move to a new curriculum, which significantly expanded the share of medical and biological disciplines. In 1984 the faculty of perfection of pharmacists began to operate at the institute.