Kovalenko Svitlana M.

Svetlana Kovalenko, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Commodity

Address: 61168, m. Kharkiv, str. Valentynivska 4

Tel. (0572) 65-16-96

E-mail: svetlana_kovalenko77@ukr.net


Svetlana Kovalenko (07.07.1968 p., M. Kharkiv, Ukraine) – Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor of merchandise. She graduated from the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute with honors in the specialty “Pharmacy” (1991). The National University of Pharmacy is from 1985: Senior Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (1991-1996), head of TCI Ltd. “Magik” (1996-1999), Senior Fellow DNDL quality control of medicines (1999-2002), Assistant Professor of Organic chemistry (2002), assistant professor of quality management (2002-2012), assistant professor of commodity research (2012-2015), professor of commodity research (from 2015 to present).

In 1996 she defended her thesis on “Hlisulfazyd: developing the technology and standardization of methods and dosage forms of substance” in the specialty 15.00.01 “Technology of medicines” (supervisor: Dr. Pharm. N., D. X. N. honored Worker of Science, prof. Black VP).

In 2014 she defended a doctoral thesis on “Theoretical and experimental study of technology and combination of drugs based sulfurorhanichnyh acids” in the specialty 15.00.01 “Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business court Pharmacy” (scientific advisor: Dr. Pharm. Mr. .., Prof. Baranova I.I).

Social activities. Since 2014 member of the working committee on the development and implementation of QMS in pharmacy and internal auditor; from January 2015 Member approbation committee pharmacy specialty 15.00.01; since January 2016 member of the editorial board of scientific professional journal “Management, economy and quality assurance in pharmacy.”

Scientific school. Prepared 1 candidate of sciences Kucherenko Victoria S. – k. Pharm. n., specialty “Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business court Pharmacy” year of protection – 2015, thesis “Development of technology combined gel for the treatment of gingivitis.”

Awards. Awarded Diploma of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2005), diplomas Pharmacy (2010 and 2015).


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Lectures, workshops and seminars on subjects’ medical and pharmaceutical merchandising “,” Pharmaceutical and medical commodity “for students of specialty” Pharmacy “and” Clinical Pharmacy “full-time and part-time teaching and” Commodity in pharmaceutical enterprise “for masters in” Pharmacy ” evening-classes. Author of the distance course “Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity”.