Kovalov Volodymyr M.

Kovalov Volodymyr M. – D.Sc. in Pharmacy, Honored worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy

Kharkov, Valentinіvska street, 4

tel.: 67-92-08, fax: 8-0572-67-92-08

E-mail: gnosy@nuph.edu.ua


Kovalyov Vladimir Nikolaevich was born on September, 20 in 1941 at Volchansk, Kharkov region. He graduated school in 1958 and started to work at the Kharkov’s repairing plant of road technique. In 1959 became a student of Kharkov Medical College №1 on the Pharmaceutical Department and successfully graduated with high distinction. From 1962 till 1964 he had been serving the Soviet Army in Germany. In 1964 he joined the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute and successfully graduated with excellent marks. In 1969 he started to work as assistant at the Department of Pharmacognosy and in 1979 – as a senior lecturer. In the same year he acquired a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy after defense of scientific thesis «Pharmacognosycal research of some species of Restharrow». In 1980 he became associate professor of Department of Pharmacognosy and in 1983 – senior research worker, in 1985-2012 he became the Head of Department of Pharmacognosy of the Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute (from 2002 it is National University of Pharmacy), since 2012 – professor at the Pharmacognosy Department. In the period 1979-1982 he was the Dean of foreign faculty, in 1982-1983 became as Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, in 2012 professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy.

He acquired higher degree of Doctor of Pharmacy after defense of scientific thesis «Research of several species of family Fabaceae as a source of biologically active compounds and the synthesis of their derivatives» in 1985. In 1986 he was employed as the professor at the Department of Pharmacognosy.

Professor V.N. Kovalyov is the member of the specialized commission NPhaU, member of problem commission of Pharmacy. He was awarded of several diploma of Health Ministry of Ukraine and Ministry of Education. Honored scientist of science and technique of Ukraine.

His scientific direction of research is: “Investigation of biologically active compounds of natural origin, analysis, synthesis of derivatives of flavonoids and antraquinons, standardization of herbal drugs, development of methods of obtaining of phytomedicines”.

V.N. Kovalyov was supervisor of 6 doctors of pharmacy, 25 candidates of sciences. He developed 28 phytomedicines, 11 of them were processed in to industry. He is co-author of several textbooks, 4 monographs, 42 inventions, 45 patents of Ukraine and Russia, more than 455 scientific publications, of which 78 are foreign publications. Hirsch index-4.

Professor V.N. Kovalyov conducts lectures on pharmacognosy, carried out seminars, laboratory classes on speciality «Pharmacy», is a supervisor of diploma, diploma on master`s degree, dissertation thesis of postgraduate students, competitors and person working for doctor’s degree.