Kovalyova Alla Mikhailivna

Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy

Tel. (0572)-6708982,

e-mail: allapharm@yahoo.com



 Born August 28, 1951. Graduated from the Sherbinivka Secondary school with honors in 1968. Graduated from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (Specialty: Pharmacy, qualification – provisory) with honors in 1973 and worked as a district Pharmacist chemist’s at the Central district Pharmacy. Defended her PhD thesis on ‘Pharmacognostic study of species of generis Peas and Vetch’ in 1988 at the Specialized Council Scientific and Research Institute of Chemistry and Medicines’ Technology in specialty 15.00.02 – “Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy”.

Kovalyova A. M. worked as Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy in Kharkiv State Pharmaceutical Institute from 1991. She defended her Doctorate thesis in Pharmacy in specialty 15.00.02 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy “Pharmacognostic investigation of plants of families Fabaceae, Apiaceae, Convallariaceae, Asteraceae and its prospects of use in medicine” defended at the Specialized Council of National Pharmaceutical University in Kharkiv in 2002. Doctor of Pharmaceutical sciences from 2003. Since 2004 р. Kovalyova A.M has been on the staff the Department of Pharmacognosy as professor.

Community activity: The Head of the State Exam Commissions in National Medicine University n. a. Bogomolets (Pharmacy Faculty), Zaporizhzhia State Medicine University (Pharmacy Faculty); member of editorial board of Pharm Encyclopedia; member of Approbation Council of National Academy of Pharmacy in Ukraine (NPhaU) (15.00.02).

Awarded: certificates of honor of NPhaU, Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine (2006, 2011), Chief Department of Education and Science at Kharkiv State Administration (2005); Diploma of the finalist of the competition – nomination «The best innovation project biopharmacy cluster» at International Championship of innovative projects ‘Kharkiv initiatives’ (2010); Gold Badge and Gold Diploma for the 1st place in Ukrainian National Analytics Contest (2012); Diploma of the participant of the All-Ukrainian program «Nation Golden Fund» (2011); Silver Badge and Silver Diploma for the 2nd place in “Pharmaceutical Sciences” nomination at 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference «Problems and Ways of Modern Public Health Development» (London – Kyiv, 2011); Bronze Badge and Diploma for the 3rd place in «World Championship, Continental, National and Regional Research Analytics Championship of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education» (London, 2012); Diploma of the Ukrainian jubilee “For the devoted service to Ukraine” (2011); Diploma of the participant of the project «Face of Ukraine. Names. Portraits. Deatinies» for significant contribution into society development (2011); Golden medal of the Ukrainian Fund of Culture ‘For High Professionalism’ (2012).

School of Science: The scientific school of Kovalyova A.M. includes 1 Doctor of Science and 8 PhD. Kovalyova A.M. currently supervises Doctor thesis of Sydora N.V and PhD thesis of Maksymyuk K.M. Kovalyova supervised thesis: Doctor degree – Ilina Tetyana Vasylivna «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Rubiaceae species and Prospects of their Applications in Medicine» (2015); PhD degrees: Sydora N. V. «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Crataegus L. in flora of Ukraine» (2007); Grudko I. V. «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Melilotus L. in flora of Ukraine» (2013); Abdulkafarova E. R. «Pharmacognostic Study of Families Potentilla alba and Potentilla anserinа in flora of Ukraine» (2013); Goryacha O.V. «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Galium L. in flora of Ukraine» (2013); Ochkur O.V. «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Artemisia in flora of Ukraine» (2014); Kolisnik Y.S. «Pharmacological study of herbal collection of cerebroprotective action» (2016); Goncharov O.V. «Pharmacognostic Study of Family Lamium L. in flora of Ukraine» (2016); Osmachko A.P. «Phito-chemistry Study of veronica long-haired and veroniki broadleaf, extracts on their basis and their standardization» (2018).

Areas of Scientific Research: Research in biologically active substances of plants of the flora of Ukraine and neighbouring countries on the basis of phenotypic-ecological-taxonomic and resource-based research (using the principles of the theory of probability: numerical methods and graph theory); Development of standardization methods for medicinal plant raw materials and new medical forms; Determination of the phenothecioma-taxonomic characteristics of the genera and plant families for the identification of promising species for medicine and the resolution of discussion issues with their taxonomy; Search of plant BAR with inhibitory effect on enzymes.

Scientific works: Author and co-author of over 800 scientific and methodological works, including over 300 articles, 6 monographs, over 60 patents; co-author of over 30 medicines.

Membership in International Organizations: American Society of Pharmacognosy.

Teaching:  Pharmacognosy, “Medical plants resources science”. Leading preparation of diploma master degree works.

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