Kuznetsova Valentyna Mykhailivna

Kuznetsova Valentina – MD, Associate Professor

Department of General Pharmacy and Safety of drugs, IPHPQI NUPh

Address: 17 Vosstaniya square, Kharkov 61001

Tel. (057) 733-92-06



Kuznetsova Valentina – a doctor, a pathophysiologist, a pharmacologist was born on April 23rd, 1953 in First Gnilitsa village of Kharkov region. In 1976  ̶  graduated from the pediatric faculty of Kharkov Medical Institute. From 1977 to 1983  ̶  a pediatrician in Kharkov city hospital № 18. 1983–1987  ̶  worked as an assistant at the Department of Pathology of Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1987 defended the candidate thesis «Antihypoxic mechanism of action of some anti-inflammatory drugs». Rank of an associate professor of Pathology was received in 1989. In 1993  ̶  defended doctoral thesis «The 4-atsetiloxanilic acid – regulators of oxygen homeostasis». 1994  ̶  became a professor at the Department of Pathological Physiology NUPh. During this period, she performed the duties of the head teacher of the department, took part in the work of the selection committee. From 1997 to 2003 held training «Modern pharmaceutical science. Specialist expertise» at Bogomolets National Medical University. September 2004 – worked as a professor of clinical pharmacology and phytotherapy IPHPQI. Since 2008 has been working as an associate professor at the Department of General Pharmacy and Safety of drugs IPHPQI NUPh

Co-author of two textbooks on pathological physiology, handbook in three volumes of «Medicines of Ukraine», 35 teaching materials and more than 150 publications.


Diplomas of NUPh

Scientific school:


  1. L. Belyakova, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, V. A. Rybak, candidate of biological sciences.

Tutorials: Pathological Physiology: A. I. Bereznyakova, B. M. Kuznetsova, H. I. Fіlіmonova etc.: textbook for stud. Of high educational facilities. –Kh.: Type of NPhaU: Zoloti storіnki, 2003. –424p.

Manual for practical classes for pathology: Educational manual / A. I. Bereznyakova, V. V. David, G. V. Poryadin etc.; Under authority of I. K. Bereznyakova. High school., 1993.-375P.

Guidelines: «Modern approaches to optimal pharmaceutical care of pharmacological correction of alcoholism», 2012; «Actual problems of the application of cosmetics» in 2013; «Enteric viral hepatitis A» 2015.

Co-author of “The Teaching plan and the program of specialisation for speciality «General pharmacy» 2013.

Member of the Ukrainian Association of pharmacologists.

Designing, implementing, patents

Co-author of 2 copyright certificates, declarative patent for an invention «Pharmaceutical compound «Trofeparinum» for treatment of trophical ulcers 2004 y.


  1. Kuznetsova V. M. Constipation and its treatment // weekly «Pharmacy» / Kuznetsova V. M., Domar N. A., Zimina M. S. –2012. –№ 47 (868) . – P. 16–17
  2. Kuznetsova V. M. Antibioticassosiated – diarrhea // weekly «Pharmacy» / Piminov A. F., Kuznetsova V. M., Suprun E. V. –2012. – №38 (859) . – P. 12–13
  3. Kuznetsova V. M. Traveler’s diarrhea: focus on probiotics // weekly «Pharmacy» / Kuznetsova V. M., Yakuschenko B. A., Zimina M. S. – 2013. –№ 28 (899). – C. 12–13
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  5. Kuznetsova V. M. Phytopharmaceuticals correction of chronic venous insufficiency // weekly «Pharmacy» / Kuznetsova V. M., Shulga N. I., Rolik S. N. – 2014. – № 24 (945) P. 10–11
  6. Kuznetsova V. M. Acute pain spine- modern approaches to treatment // weekly «Pharmacy» / Suprun E.V., Piminov E. F., Kuznetsova V. M., Oakleigh V. F. – 2014 – № 8 (929) . – P. 14–15

 Teaching disciplines

  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacology with pharmaceutical care.


Gardening, cooking.