Lenchyk Larysa Vladimirovna

Lenchyk Larysa Vladimirovna – Doctor of Sciences (Pharmacy), Associate Professor; Deputy Dean of the faculty for the training of foreign citizens

Kharkiv, Pushkinskaya str. 53;

(0572) 67-93-63




LV Lenchyk was born on November 4, 1964 in Poltava. In 1981 she graduated from Bender High School with a gold medal. In 1986 she graduated from Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (specialty “Pharmacy”), qualification – pharmacist. She worked in pharmacy No. 309 in Odessa as an analytical pharmacist. Since 1989, he has been working in the NUPh as a senior laboratory assistant (1989), assistant (1990), associate professor (2003) of the pharmacognosy department, and then, after reorganization, the department of chemistry of natural compounds (since 2004 and up to now). Candidate dissertation on the topic “Pharmacognistic study of common beet” was defended in 1987 under the guidance of prof. V.M. Kovalev. In 2005, successfully completed a course in English for teachers who teach English in Oxford course of English language, based on the State foreign language courses “Interlingua”, Kiev. In January-March 2011 successfully passed the Distance Course (7.5 ECTS) and received a certificate with distinction in “Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics” at Uppsala University Sweden. Doctoral thesis on the topic “Complex pharmacognostic study of raw materials of plants of Rosaceae family and obtaining phytopreparations on its basis” was defended in 2017. In June 2018, he successfully passed the FCI exam and received a certificate (0062013018) B2 from the English language.

From 2004-2012 she was responsible for the processing of curricula in the specialty “Pharmacy” at the Scientific and Methodical Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Education of the NUPh. From 2012 to the present – Deputy Dean for work with foreign citizens. Since 2008, a member of the expert group on pharmacognosy of the licensed exam “Krok-2”, and since 2017 has been appointed deputy chairman of the committee of professional expertise “Pharmacognosy” of the licensed exam “Krok 2”, is a member of the Approbation Scientific Council of the NUPh.

In 2017 she taught pharmacognosy at the Medical University of Varna in the framework of the Erasmus + Staff Mobility for Teaching program ERTC 2017, and was invited to this university in 2015 to teach pharmacognosy for students of the specialty Pharmacy, in 2011 lectured and was the head of the group of students of the NUPh , who took part in the 15th International summer camp for students of the specialty Pharmacy, which was held on the basis of the pharmaceutical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;  In 2018 Dr.Lenchyk took part and was the head of a group of young scientists and students of the NUPh on an internship in pharmacognosy at the pharmaceutical faculty of the Medical University of Varna (Bulgaria).

Scientific school. Under the guidance of Assoc. Prоf. L.V. Lenchyk the candidate dissertation is carried out.

Membership in professional associations.L.V. Lenchyk is a member and secretary of the Kharkiv Cell of the European Association ” Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ”

L.V. Lenchyk is the author and co-author of more than 70 scientific works, 8 patents, 2 informational letters.

Articles in professional foreign journals

Articles in professional journals of Ukraine

Disciplines taught by a Doctor of Sciences:  L.V. Lenchyk gives lectures on disciplines Pharmacognosy, Resource Sciences of Medicinal Plants, Pharmacognosticic Bases of Phytotherapy, Pharmacognosticic analysis of new Medicinal Plant Raw Material for ukrainian and foreign students of full-time and part-time forms of instruction in Ukrainian and English.