Description, characteristic

It is unique medicine. Suppositories «Loravit» is a medicine on the basis loratadin hydrochloride.

Composition, chemical formula

Loratadin hydrochloride, 30 % oil solution α- tocopherol acetate, auxiliary substances.

Pharmacological properties

Medicine has an antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating immunity action.

Indications for use

Medicine is used in therapy for treatment of allergic diseases at children, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic conjunctivitis


Hypersensitivity to components of medicine.


Rectal suppositories No.  5 and 10 in contoured pack.

Legal protection

Reporting patent of Ukraine for invention No. 69859, МПК7 A61K9/02. Announced 01.12.2011. Published 10.05.2012. Report No. 9.

Development stage of medicine

Pre-clinical researches are finished.

Basic formulator and associate contractor

NationalUniversity of Pharmacy

Originators of drugs design

Tikhonov А.I., Beloshitskaya I.V.