Lyophilized powder of artichoke

Description, characteristic

Lyophilized powder of artichoke is a odorless powder of green color with a bitter taste, easily soluble in water.

Composition, chemical formula

In lyophilized powders of artichoke are present such compounds: organic acids (ascorbic acid), proteins, hydroxy-cinnamic acids, tannins and others BAS.

Pharmacological properties

It it has membranstabilizing, antioxidant, cytoprotective, hepatoprotective activity; prevents to insenescence processe

Indications for use

It used as a biological active substance in technology of medicinal forms by manufacture and chemist’s conditions.


Hypersensitivity to ingredients of medicine.

Medicinal form

Lyophilized powder in containers.

Legal protection

Patent of Ukraine No 60775  МПК А61К 9/14, А61К 35/00 от 25.06.2011, announced 17.12.2010, published 25.06.2011. Report No. 12.

Development stage of medicine

Pre-clinical researches are finished, developed ТУ У 15.8.-02010741-070:2011 and

 ТР 64-22643649-115-11 from 10.08.2011.

Basic formulator and associate contractor


NationalUniversity of Pharmacy

Originators of drugs design

Sokolova L.V., Tikhonova S.A.