Museum of History of the National University of Pharmacy

The first step towards the creation of the museum was the development of his concept, according to which he now has two exposition halls. The room for the museum was erected and renovated in the building of the university on the street. Valentinovska (Blukhera), 4. Its total area is 165, 1 sq. km. It should be noted that the repair of the premises required a special and diligent approach, since it was not adapted to the requirements put forward for the expositional premises. To perform the museum work as a scientific consultant was involved a leading museologist, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Director of the Center of Local History of the Kharkiv National University named after Karazin, Professor S. Kudelko.

The opening of the museum was preceded by a rather active research work on the collection and creation of a museum collection. Particular attention was paid to the study of the origins of higher pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and the little-known pages of its history, a leading role played by the university.

In early July 2009, museum staff approved a project for the reconstruction of the museum and started repair work.

The grand opening of the museum took place on September 15, 2010, on the third day of the VІІ Congress of Pharmacists.

One of the most demanding and important tasks that we faced was the collection of exhibits for the museum’s exposition. Today among the exhibits of the museum:

  • The scales of the XIX century, belonged to N. Valyashko;
  • The pharmacopoeia in German with colored hand-made illustrations, issued in 1890;
  • personal affairs M. Valyashko;
  • laboratory tools of the end of the nineteenth century;
  • exhibits from the collection of medicinal plants of the Kharkov Imperial University, dated from the nineteenth century.

An enormous help in the creation of the museum was provided by the other departments of the University and their heads, which donated a number of valuable exhibits to its funds. In particular, Professor P. Bezugly gave to the museum scales, belonged to the first rector of the university, Professor M. Valyashko. A special gratitude also to the Head of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Z. Mnushko; Head of the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor V. Kislychenko; Head of the Department of Pharmacognosy, Ph.D., Professor V. Kovalev; Head of the Department of Botany, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. Serbin; Head of the department of pharmacy technology of medicines, doctor of medical sciences, professor O. Tikhonov and others.

An invaluable contribution to the creation of a museum exposition has made in. at. Director of the State Scientific Center for Medicines, Professor L. Almakayev, who handed over to the fund a number of important exhibits devoted to the life and scientific work of the prominent pharmacist, former director of the DNTSLZ F. Konev (among them the vacuum cleaner F. Konev, a filter by F. Konev, albums, etc.); books, publications of congresses of pharmacists, medical utensils, etc.

The collection of materials on the history of pharmacy, which has to be reflected in the exposition or stored in the museum’s funds, was continued for the following problems: “History of Traditional People’s Pharmacy”, “History of Pharmacy in the Ancient Times”, “History of Pharmacy in the Middle Ages”. The collection of materials is carried out in the leading libraries of Kharkiv (V. Korolenko Central State Scientific Library and V. Karazin Kharkiv National University, the Central Library of the Medical Society), as well as the State Archives of the Kharkiv region.

Work is underway to create biographies of the leading scientists of the NUPh, who worked at the university at various stages of his history, outstanding pupils.

Regular publications devoted to the history of pharmacy and history of the NFU were published by the director of the museum M. Grigorieva in the newspaper “The youth of Pharmacy”.

Since September 2010, the museum has opened its doors to visitors. At the beginning of November 2010, its staff conducted about 50 excursions for students, students and guests of the university.

In the book reviews of the museum we find records of honorary guests of the Seventh Congress of pharmacists, representatives of different countries and nationalities, well-known figures in the pharmaceutical industry, students and university graduates.

Today, the funds of the Museum of History of Pharmacy of Ukraine number more than 700 exhibits reflecting the history of the university and the development of pharmaceutical science in Kharkiv.

The museum opens its doors for students and all guests of the university. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibits.

Exhibits of the museum of History of the National University of Pharmacy

Museum works:

Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00

Friday from 9.00 to 16.00

Saturday to Sunday weekend.

Director of the museum Volokhova Olena.


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