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A.F. Piminov, V.A. Yakushchenko, T.D. Gubchenko, A.I. Kvitchataia, L.I. Shulga, D.L. Velikiy, S.N. Rolik, N.A. Domar, O.G. Berdnik

Nanotechnologies in pharmacy and medicine: Monograph / under the general editorship of Prof. A.F. Piminov. —V. 1., V.2— Н 25 Kharkiv: Fact, 2014. (Rus.)

Нанотехнологии в фармации и медицине т.1Monograph “Nanotechnologies in pharmacy and medicine” is a fundamental, original edition, in which basic terms and definitions that are the most common in nanoscience are represented, and historical aspects of scientific direction with the consideration of certain natural nanoeffects, types of nanostructures, methods of their artificial production and research are disclosed. Achievements and prospects of nanotechnologies in pharmacy and medicine are specially highlighted as the most socially significant areas. The examples of the usage of innovative technologies in nanoscience, cosmetics, agriculture, building and construction, etc. are given in the book.

Нанотехнологии в фармации и медицине т.2In the book are gathered together the informative illustrations, material is structured in diagrams and practical tables that allow to look on the molecular and nanoscale levels at physical, physicochemical and biochemical phenomena and mechanisms underlying the main approaches of nanotechnology.

This monograph is intended for general reader: faculty members, research staff and students, engineers and technicians, and all those interested in this subject.