NUPh canteen

Dive into the whirlpool of knowledge is, of course, useful. But it is still better on a full stomach. In order to have benefit both for the mind and the stomach. It is believed that life of a
student is cheerful and carefree, wonderful time! Youth, first love, friends, interesting studies… In general, as it is sung in the student song: “From session to session, students live fun.”


But seriously, it is not that cheerful – the life of a young person who as the saying goes “gnaws the granite of science” or grinds away at his/her studies: big nerve, information and emotional strains, overexertion, chronic sleep deprivation, especially during the examination session, violation of the day regime and nutrition… Generally, students eat very irregularly only snacks and junk food 1-2 times a day.


 Rector of the National University of Pharmacy V.P. Chernykh was always concerned with the question of how a student can get a degree without ulcer. In 2002, the Rector decided to create Catering Complex of the NUPh that could provide healthy food for students in all academic buildings. In April 2003, there was opened the first student cafe «Primus» in the academic building in 12, Kulykivska str. (former Melnikova str.), designed for 70 seats. Staff of the Complex counted 10 people at that time.

In November 2003, student cafe «Ex tempore» for 30 seats was opened in the Administration building in 53, Pushkinska str. Cafe «Sirupus» for 150 seats with centralized warehouse, pastry shop and separate room for teachers was opened on September 1, 2004 in College of the National University of Pharmacy. All cafes were redecorated with 100% renewal of the equipment, the bulk of which is from the leading manufacturers.

We can not ignore the fact that the favorite place for students is cafe «M.D.S.» (Misce.Da.Signa), which began its work in 2006 in the educational building in 4, Valentynivska str. (former Bliukhera str.). It is the biggest in size (for 300 seats), and includes two dining halls and a front bar.

This cafe is  equipped with unique ceiling windows, through which you can spend hours by watching the nature and the weather, which is, as we know, is never bad. Design of this project was created by famous not only in Kharkiv, but  also outside architect Olena Fondorko. There is also wall-size between the dining hall and the kitchen, through which visitors can watch how the food is cooked. The front bar at the entrance is a kind of “ant nest” with wishing wall where students write messages to the chef and mail box where you can put a letter with comments, and most importantly, you can  always buy there espresso, latte, cappuccino cocoa with marshmallows and a lot of other mood improvers. Coffee in the Catering Complex is real Italian, brewed according to the rules by Italian coffee  machines, which are the envy of any local cafe.

Students’ demand for services of the Catering Complex depends on their income, which is formed from various sources: scholarships, salaries, parents’ help. This component of demand was taken into account as one of priorities. The main purpose of student cafes was to provide balanced, useful, and above all, affordable food. For today, cafes of the Catering Complex are socially-oriented institutions, and this is the most important difference. Prices in all the cafes are the same: prices for cold appetizers start from 2.50 UAH, first courses – from 3.00 UAH, main dishes – from 7.00 UAH…
Thus, it is possible to eat a proper and delicious meal just for 20-25 UAH. Every day the menu consists of 6-8 salads, 3 first courses, 8-10 second courses, cheese dishes, breakfasts, pastry and confectionery. A variety of dishes is available for all budgets. It is possible only because all maintenance expenses of the Complex are covered by the University. Public catering of the NUPh is intended to provide students with proper food and to organize breakfast and lunch. In our cafes we provide not only food, but also recreation of the youth.

There is a tradition to organize the weeks of national cuisines and to offer dishes with restricted calorie content to those who carefully watches their waistline. Seasonality is also taken into account during formation of the menu. Our cafes also don’t forget to treat their visitors with delicious food during festivities and holiday eves.

Customers of the NUPh Catering Complex are full-time students and part-time students, who come to the examination sessions from other cities, as well as faculty members and staff. Team of the Catering Complex includes chefs, cooks of, mainly, the 4th and the 5th category who are constantly improving their skills. As of today, number of the staff has reached 90 people. Several employees who work directly in the servicing area are fluent in English.

At the request of the Rector of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade, production managers are constantly conducting practical tours for students of the University of Food Technology and Trade. Now in our city there are very few catering establishments with a complete production cycle, equipped with modern technological equipment that work in accordance with all approved standards, and cafes of the NUPh Catering Complex are like this.

To be satisfied with what has already been achieved is not our rule, and we have launched a new project – cafe «Recipe» in student hostel №4. Premises of the future cafe are already redecorated and further work is in full swing. The student hostel is located at a considerable distance from the city infrastructure that is why there was a need to open a new cafe.

Students have predominantly mental character of labor and special leisure regime, regulated by curriculum that is why all cafes without exception work from 8.00 till 18.00, which has a positive affect on the frequency of meals that students eat during the day. Paired lectures are conducted in the NUPh and breaks between them are arranged so as to ensure the most efficient mode of recreation and nutrition of students.

Students have many opportunities to eat properly in our University, so that their parents don’t worry about their health. Such a large institution as the NUPh Catering Complex is based on four principles – Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Availability.