October 18-20, 2011, ІІІ National showcase “Innovations in modern education”, Kyiv Children and Youth Palace (13, I. Mazepa str.)

“Innovatics in modern education” ІІІ National showcase

(October 18-20, 2011, Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth (13, I. Mazepa str.)

Overview of innovative achievements in education, dedicated to the Third All-Ukraine congress of education workers

Boris Zhebrovskiy noted the importance of presentation of innovative achievements in education and reassured that these achievements will be taken into consideration during the preparation of National Strategy for the Development of Education of Ukraine for 2012-2021.

Goal – to summarize and comprehensively present the experience of innovative activity of educational establishments, their achievements, implementation of information, telecommunication and computer systems to publicity, educators, public authorities; determine and discuss top-priority problems of further improvement of education process.

540 educational establishments of various levels and types of ownership from 25 regions of Ukraine, scientific establishments, methodological centers, regional and municipal education management authorities, publishers, international establishments and representatives, enterprises and business entities that provide means for education took part in the showcase.

Among them there were:

87 – universities, academies, institutes, scientific establishments, colleges, technical schools; 416 – postgraduate education establishments, professional technical schools, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, preschool and extracurricular education establishments, scientific and methodological centers; 46  – enterprises, companies, education means production firms, publishers, mass media

Awards won by the National University of Pharmacy

  • Gold medal and diploma of the “Innovatics in modern education” contest laureate.
  • Diploma for active implementation of innovations into education process
  • Acknowledgement to NUPh rector Chernykh Valentin Petrovich for creative organizational work on implementation of innovative technologies in educational practice.