On Friday, 25th October 2013, at 14:00 in the lecture hall №2 will be held the University Academic Council meeting (12 Melnikova, str.)

On the agenda


1.      Information report

Speaker: corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine Chernykh Valentyn Petrovych

2.      Introduction to the academic title

Speaker: first vice-rector Gritsenko Ivan Semenovich

3.      Results of licenses exam “KROK-1, Pharmacy”

Speaker: Head of the NUPh scientific and methodical laboratory on Pharmaceutical Education Ogar Svetlana Vladimirovna

4.      Reports of professors on the implementation of the conditions of contracts

Speakers: professor Bezugliy Petr Ovksentievich;

professor Berezniakova Alla Ilinichna;

professor Bondar Vladimir Stepanovich;

professor Drogovoz Svetlana Mefodievna;

professor Dmitrievskiy Dmitriy Ivanovich;

professor Kovalev Vladimir Nikolaevich;

professor Samura Boris Andreevich;

professor Serbin Anatoliy Gavrilovich;

professor Chueshov Vladislav Ivanovich.

5.      Current affairs