On March 24, 2017, Nowruz holiday was celebrated at the National University of Pharmacy

Foreign and domestic students, teachers of the NUPh celebrated Nowruz holiday. Nowruz – symbol of spring and renewal – is celebrated in the Eastern countries since ancient times. In Farsi, “now” means a new one, and “ruz” – a day. This holiday represents awakening, renewal of nature and beginning of a new year.

A huge pot of pilaf, which was cooked in the courtyard of the University, traditionally occupied a central place at the holiday. Students decorated the University hall, where the festive event was held, with national attributes of their countries and treated the guests to dishes of national cuisines.

Preservation of interethnic peace and harmony, cultivation of tolerant attitude towards other cultures is one of the University priorities, and the celebration of Nowruz is a vivid example of an effective solution of this problem.