On May 23, 2013 solemn military oath ceremony of 4th year students of the NUPh

On May 23, 2013, students of the National University of Pharmacy took the military oath. 127 future military officers, including 40 students of the NUPh, others – students of KhNMU, took an oath of allegiance to Ukrainian people. The solemn ceremony took place in the medical university.

 23.05.2013 военная присяга НФаУ 1After three years of training under the program for reserve officers at the Department of Emergency Medicine and Military Medicine of Kharkiv National Medical University in military specialty (MS) – 909000, Pharmacy, boys and girls received initial officer rank (junior lieutenant of the reserve), the right to be admitted and study for free in Ukrainian Military Medical Academy and the opportunity to work on pharmacist positions in the uniformed services: border-security forces and at customs, bodies of Security Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Armed Forces.

Elena Yakovleva, “Youth of Pharmacy”

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