On Monday, 25.02.2013 at 9:00 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

         On the agenda

 Review of foreign scientific publications

Speaker: vice-rector on scientific work Kovalenko S. M.

 Report on activity of the Institute of Pharmacy Professionals’ Qualification Improvement for 2012, developmental prospects for 2013

Speaker: head of Postgraduate education- Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement Piminov A.F.

Prospects of cooperation with Russian Colleges

Speaker: vice-rector Kotvitskaya A.A..

Improvement of the NUPh website and website of the Center for international vocational guidance and external relations

Speakers: vice-rector Popov S.B., website administrator Tkachenko E.V.

Interdepartmental teaching and training classes


Condition of preparation of aid classes at the following departments: Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs, Technology of Drugs, Industrial Technology of Drugs, technology of perfume and cosmetics, Industrial Pharmacy

Speakers: heads of the departments prof. Tikhonova S.A., prof. Yarnykh T.G., prof. Ruban E.A., prof. Bashura A.G., prof. Gladukh Y.V.

Location of special classes

Speaker: assoc. prof. Vinnik L.M.

Review of foreign professionals’ participation of in the educational process, including lecturing

Speakers: vice-rector Kovalenko S.M., vice-rector Popov S.B.

 For foreign lecturers’ payment plan

Speaker: rector for economic issues Kovalenko L. M.

 Technical support of lecture halls №№ 2, 3, 9 for remote video lectures

Speaker: director of the NUPh Computer Centre Vlasov V.S.

Conduction of educational and morale building activities among Preparatory Faculty students (curators of the groups, rooms in hostels, work with representatives of national groups)

Speaker: vice-dean Kovalenko Z.I.