On Monday, 25.11.2013 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

On the agenda

Plan to update material and technical facilities of the NUPh, including laboratory equipment for development of drugs.

Speaker: vice-rector Kovalenko S.M.

Prospects of creation of interdepartmental laboratory for phytoneering.

Speakers: vice-rector Kovalenko S.M., prof. Kislichenko V.S., prof. Popova N.V., prof. Gontova T.M., prof. Koshevoy O.M.

Activities plan to train young scientists – members of national and international competitions.

Speaker: academic secretary Andriyanenkov O.V.

Professional level improvement plan for academic teaching staff and senior administrative staff according to the new requirements.

Speakers: assoc. prof. Ogar S.V., director of the IPPQI Piminov O.F., prof. Kaydalova L.G.

Assignment of public orders to professors, associate professors, teaching assistants of the Departments.

Speakers: vice-rector Kotvitskaya A.A., vice-rector Ivanova K.A., academic secretary KononenkoN.M.

State of subscription for periodicals (magazines and newspapers) by Departments and structural subdivisions.

Speaker: vice-rector Kotvitskaya A.A.

Organization of purchase of beddings for students’ dormitories. Results of the discussion of housekeeping at student councils.

Speaker: vice-rector Kotvitskaya A.A.

Blitz message of the first vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work I.S. Gritsenko on the implementation of the tasks set in resolution report of the Rector on 30.08.2013:

State of preparation of monographs on the history of the NUPh Departments.

Work plans of the Departments on fulfillment of the tasks of the resolution report of the Rector.