On Monday, October 15, 2012 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting will be held.

1. The NUPh draft budget for 2013.
Speaker: deputy rector for economic issues Kovalenko L.N.,chief accountant Durasova N.F.

2. The HUPh  membership in abstract database Scopus, including funding for membership in abstract database Scopus.

Speaker: vice-rector on scientific work, prof. Kovalenko S.N.,
director of the scientific library Gavrysh N.B.,
deputy rector for economic issues Kovalenko L.N.

3. The condition and prospects of creation of the new laboratories.
Speaker: vice-rector on scientific work, prof. Kovalenko S.N.,
Podpruzhnikov Yu.V., assoc.prof. Zubkov V.O., assoc.prof. Gubin Yu.I., prof. Kislichenko V.S.,
Andryukova L. M., prof. ZagaikoА.L.,assoc.prof. Misyureva S. V.

4. The NUPh participation in national and international rating programs, strategies to improve results.
Speakers: first vice-Rector, prof. Gritsenko I.S.,
vice-rector on scientific work, prof. Kovalenko S.N.,
assoc.prof.  Vinnik L. M.

5. Informational presence of the NUPh in the global education market (media, Embassies, the NUPh website of the Center for international vocational guidance and external relations). Prospects of membership in the international associations of the universities.
Speakers: prof. Popov S. B., prof. Georgiants V.A.

6. Plan for career guidance tours to higher educational establishments of the I-II levels of accreditation.
Speaker: vicerector, prof. Kotvitskaya А.А.

Blitz Posts
Preparing for the VIII Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine
• on the composition of the Organizing Committee— Speaker: prof. Gritsenko I.S.
• on the construction plan of V.N. Karazin sculpture — Speaker: prof. Ivanova  К.А.
Preparation of the University material and technical facilities for the heating season.
Speakers: chief engineer Matushkin D.V., the head of work and technics safety department Kuznetsov V.S.
The prospects of the new lecture hall building (the project)
Speaker: first vice-rector, prof. Gritsenko I.S.

Deans of the faculties weekly report on work at departments.