On Monday, October 22, 2012 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting will be held.

Start at 9:00, end at 11:00.

On the agenda:

1. Creation of the department for monitoring the quality of education

Speaker: assoc.prof. Ogar S.V.

 2. The prospects of creation of the Centre for refinement of practical skills at the following departments: Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy

Speakers: head of the department, prof. Tikhonova S.A.; prof. Nemchenko A.S., prof. Kireev I.V., Barkovskaya O. Ya.

3. Preparation for the first round of academic competition based at NUPh.

Speaker: assoc.prof. Kovaleva Т.М.

 4. Improvement plans of the technical support of the educational process,

including equipping the classrooms with interactive whiteboards, equipping the teachers’ work places, installation of servers for testing students via the Internet.

Speaker: assoc.prof. Vlasov V.S.

 5. Holding of the remote video conferencing with pharmaceutical associations, partner universities, the NUPh alumni.

Speakers: assoc.prof. Vlasov V.S.; vice-rector, prof. Popov S.B.

 6. Reregistration of the NUPh scientific journals.

Speaker: vice-rector on scientific work, prof. Kovalenko S.N.

CONSTANTLY: Deans of the faculties weekly report on work at departments.